Plan a Romantic Date and We'll Guess Your Celebrity Crush!

Kennita Leon

How did you meet this person you're going out with?

Why did you agree to go out with them?

What's your favorite thing about them so far?

How do you hope this date will go?

Are you hoping for a kiss or more at the end?

Dinner is always a great idea for a romantic date. What kind of cuisine will you be eating?

Whose idea was it to have the date there?

How do you feel about the location of the date?

Which of these dress codes are you sticking to?

How long do you think it'll take you to get ready?

Which if these methods will you take to make sure you look your best?

You get the restaurant and see your date. How do you greet them?

They compliment your outfit. What do you say in return?

Which of these aphrodisiacs are you most likely to order?

Your date is looking more attractive with each word they say and each sip of wine you take. How do you show that you're interested?

That one didn't seem to work, so you need to up your game. Which one of these will definitely get your date's attention?

Now that you have their attention, what topic do you try to steer the conversation to?

Your date plays footsies with you. What do you do?

You seem to be a little bit flustered and turned on. What do you do to make yourself calm down?

It's time for the check. Who pays?

Your date suggests going back to their place just to continue your great conversation and you agree. How do you get to their place?

You end up drinking quite a bit and wake up not remembering what happened. What do you think happened?

Your date leaves you a note saying they went to get breakfast. What do you do?

Did the romantic date go as planned?

Would you date this person again?

Do you have many crushes at the moment?

How likely is it that a celebrity will meet you and fall in love with you?

Do you think you've got what it takes to be in the public eye?

If you had to date one of these celebs, who would it be?

Would you be in it for the love or for the money?

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About This Quiz

It's always a great time for romance, even if it's in person, over the phone, online or in a quiz. And because humans have an obsession with crushes and who likes who, we want to guess which famous person you're into. We're going to make it really fun by sending you on a virtual date. We want to know what you're wearing, what cologne or perfume you'll choose and how you're getting to the venue. 

We also want to know to know how nervous you'll be, if at all, what you'll eat (if at all) and if you guys are going to kiss and well, do other romantic things... Will your celebrity crush be someone you can talk rocket science and science fiction with? Will they be someone who is very intriguing, sexy and even more mysterious? Will he or she be someone who is as sassy as they are funny? Or will they be the biggest sweetheart on planet earth? 

If you want us to try to guess who you have a major crush on, then this is how you do it. So, go ahead and go on this date, so we'll tell you if you'll marry Emma Watson or Jake Gyllenhaal. 

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