Plan a Romantic Vacation and We'll Tell You Which Disney Couple You and Your Significant Other Are!

Zoe Samuel

Is your vacation hot or cold?

Beach or mountains?

Where will you stay?

Who will you talk to?

What will you spend?

Will you just be in one place, or moving around?

What will you wear?

How active will you be?

What might you learn?

What food will you eat?

Lying in your hotel bed, what will you hear?

Will you need a passport?

What disappointing experience will you have?

What souvenir will you buy?

What selfie will you take to make everyone jealous?

How long is your vacation?

What form of transport will you take to get around while you are there?

What spontaneous experience will you enjoy?

Who do you really not want to run into?

Will you get a tan?

Where will you swim, if anywhere?

Will you stay in touch with folks back home while you are gone?

Will you be someplace everyone has heard of?

What will you fight about with your boo while you are there?

What will the romantic vacation be celebrating?

What time of year will you go?

Will you do any work while you are on the vacation?

Will you follow the news at all?

What will the net outcome be for your health?

How often will you go?

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Image: Walt Disney Pictures

About This Quiz

Everyone loves a romantic vacation, and whether or not you've found your ideal boo to spend it with, you can certainly imagine. Whether it's scaling high peaks together (and then skiing down them), lazing on a beach, paddling a river, or experiencing the nightlife of one of the world's most fashionable and exciting cities, going away to a place is always ten times more memorable and stimulating when you do it with your beloved at your side. 

It's not just that you have someone to talk to, it's also that you are much less likely to get lost, and you can share the costs. Most of all, you get double the joy of knowing that not only are you seeing these thrilling sights and having these wonderful experiences, but you're also vicariously enjoying all of it through your boo and getting to see their face light up. What could be more romantic than that?

Tell us how you imagine doing all of these things, and we'll figure out which of the great Disney lovers you are most like. That, in turn, could help you figure out whether the beach, the mountains, the desert, the city or elsewhere would be your ideal location. Let's get started!

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