Plan a Royal Wedding, and We'll Reveal the One Thing You're Really Looking for in a Relationship

Zoe Samuel

What sort of dress will you wear?

What will the groom wear?

How many guests will there be?

What will the cake look like?

Will you change for the reception?

What jewelry will you wear?

How will you wear your hair?

How many flower girls will you have?

If your ring-bearer forgets his job, what will you do?

Did you vet the speeches for quality and length?

Will you give a speech yourself?

If your boo fumbles his words, what will you do?

Will you invite any of your exes?

How will you leave the church?

What music will you have?

Who will give the sermon?

What event do you intend to upstage?

What flowers will you have?

How long will it take to plan?

What will it cost?

If one of your friends doesn't pass the security check, meaning they cannot attend, how will you let them know?

What sort of confetti will people throw?

How long will the ceremony last?

Will any cameras be allowed at the reception?

Will there be brunch the next day?

Will you modify the traditional vows at all?

Who will walk you down the aisle?

Will you ensure that the church is fully accessible to less mobile guests?

Are little kids welcome at the reception?

What's for dinner?

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About This Quiz

One of the really silly features of modern life is the amount of energy and time that people put into weddings. Far too many people claim they simply can't afford to get married, when in fact it would only cost them a couple hundred bucks maximum to pop down to the registry office and fill out the paperwork. 

Indeed, marriage is one of the most democratic institutions in existence, genuinely open to people of any means whether great or small. What they really mean, of course, is they can't afford an incredibly flashy and expensive wedding.

Those who enjoy loving and successful marriages know that the wedding isn't the marriage; it's not about the dress or the cake or the gifts. That said, how you do the wedding does matter. It's not the only thing that matters, but it is a chance to state to your community that you want their support in building your new family. 

If you are from two different backgrounds, it's a chance to state how you intend to blend them together. It's a chance to welcome people into your lives who might have been absent for some time. This goes double if you have a big family (whether genetic or chosen). It goes a hundred times over if you're staging a public wedding and marrying a prince. So, let's see what statements your wedding will make, and that might shine some light on your ideal relationship!

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