Plan a Tailgate Party and We'll Guess Where You Went to School!

Zoe Samuel

What food are you serving?

What's the dress code?

What vehicle are you sitting on?

What event are you attending?

Who is gatecrashing the party?

What are you drinking?

Who is the guest of honor?

Who are you forced to invite?

What's the weather like?

What time of day does your party start?

How did you send invitations?

How many people did you cater for?

Who gets to choose the music?

What music is playing?

Who is the enemy at your event?

Are you postgrad or undergrad?

Is your school known as a party school?

What time of day does your party end?

Are you worried about being kicked out by the police?

Will the party be ruined if your team loses?

Who would get into a fight at your party?

What platform will you post your event photos on?

Will there be any illegal substances at your party?

Will people wear college shirts?

Is there another party later on?

How will people get to the party if they don't have their own car?

How clean is the car?

How do passers-by feel about your party?

Can you see stars overhead?

What accents can you hear around you?

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About This Quiz

Whether you're from the sort of place where a tailgate is the only party, or where it's just something from the movies, you can still plan a great party! What does that plan tell us about where you went to school? Let's find out!

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