Plan a Very Canadian Thanksgiving and We'll Guess What Province You're From

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The best Thanksgiving dinners always have a memorable soundtrack. What kind of music makes an appearance on your playlist?

When you reveal the main dessert to your guests, what do they see?

If you're the kind of person who loves a good tablescape, where do you draw your inspiration from?

Every dinner party needs napkin rings! What are they made of?

When you ask your dinner guests to bring the appetizers, what are they most likely to show up with?

You're stepping away from tradition and choosing a different protein for the Thanksgiving main dish. What is it?

Which side dish are you famous for?

Which Canadian celebrity chef are you most inspired by?

Thanksgiving dinner means bringing out the good china; what does yours look like?

How do you serve the food at your Thanksgiving dinner?

One of your friends brings an unexpected guest; what line of work are they in?

Cheers! What kind of beverage do you like to sip on while you're making Thanksgiving dinner?

Flowers always make a Thanksgiving table that much more special. What kind of flowers are in your bouquet?

Sometimes it's nice to curl up and watch a movie after dinner is done; which movie do you love the most?

Where do you buy fresh vegetables?

Every Thanksgiving dinner needs a salad to balance out the rest of the meal. Which salad makes an appearance at your table every year?

Other than cranberry sauce, what kind of condiments do you like to serve with Thanksgiving dinner?

What colour is the tablecloth?

You may not have a homemade option (or maybe you do!) but when it comes to bread, what's the family preference?

Which Thanksgiving leftovers go into your sandwich?

How many kids are at the kids' table?

Whew! You're finally getting through the last of the leftovers; which soup are you going to make?

It's always a classy move to serve a fancy coffee with dessert at the end of a big dinner. Which coffee drink would you serve?

How do you prepare potatoes for Thanksgiving dinner?

Let there be light! What kind of soft lighting do you use for Thanksgiving dinner?

You invite one famous female Canadian celebrity over for Thanksgiving, who is it?

Where did you buy your dinner table?

Your guests bring over a bottle of sparkling juice to go with the turkey. What kind do they bring?

Let's make a Thanksgiving craft! What will you make?

If you could invite one famous male Canadian to your Thanksgiving dinner, who would it be?

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About This Quiz

For Canadians, the beginning of October (specifically, the second Monday of the month) signals that Thanksgiving is right around the corner. Some Thanksgiving standards — such as turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes and cranberry sauce — can be found on dinner tables all across the country. As any Canadian knows, just because someone in one part of the country serves blueberry pie for dessert doesn't mean that a family 5,000 kilometres away will do the same (not to mention all the Thanksgiving dinners which fall somewhere in between.) The beverages you choose, the appetizers you prepare and even the number of guests you host are indicative of where you might live in Canada. 

This quiz will help you plan the best Thanksgiving dinner you, your friends and family members could possibly imagine. You'll be in charge of ambience (everything from mood lighting to dishware to your favourite Thanksgiving soundtrack), drinks and, of course, the main event (will you roast a turkey a roast beef or a chicken for your guests?)

So enough with the introductions; it's time to roll up your sleeves, make your lists, and plan the perfect Thanksgiving dinner down to every last detail. When you're done, will we be able to guess which province you call home?

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