Plan an Afternoon Tea Party and We'll Guess Which Pretty Little Liar You Are

Jennifer Post

What day of the week is the best day to host an afternoon tea party?

Who are you inviting?

Are you cooking or having your party catered?

Where exactly will this party be taking place?

Who is designing your invitations?

Do you have a color scheme in mind?

How many different tea options will you offer your guests?

What are you wearing to your own tea party?

Some say there's only one way to drink tea, but are you giving your guests options?

Will your guests get to take their tea cups and saucers home with them?

You can't have a tea party without tea sandwiches. What flavors will you have?

Will there be scones?

What would happen if you had to sneak away for a secret mission during your party?

If you had to pick the most memorable part of a tea party, what would it be?

Who are you definitely not inviting to your tea party?

Doilies are pretty classic for afternoon tea. Are you including them in your table-scape?

What sweet treats will be on the tea tower?

Are you serving up any other beverages besides tea?

Is there a dress code for entrance?

If an unexpected guest shows up, how do you handle that?

How long will this tea party last?

Your guests are getting a little bored. How are you keeping people entertained?

How long would it take you to plan this party?

Is there an ideal time for a tea party to start?

What fresh fruits or vegetables will there to snack on?

If the food starts running low, what do you do?

Would you take special requests for tea varieties?

Are you going to personally say goodbye to every guest when the party is over?

Do you think you should send thank you cards to your guests or the other way around?

If there's leftover food, what are you doing with it?

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About This Quiz

Based on a book series written by Sara Shepard, "Pretty Little Liars" took the world by storm in just one episode. It had mystery, attractive actors and actresses, and storylines that were farfetched but just realistic enough to make you feel like you were living in the show. It centers around four friends who are trying to solve the murder of their fifth best friend, Allison. But soon, they start getting tormented by a figure named "A" who taunts them about their secrets.

The first season feels like a technology throwback because the girls get handwritten notes and emails from A, whereas in later seasons it's done through text message. The writers still kept some handwritten notes for the creep factor, though.

The twists. The turns. Just when you think something is going right, it goes horribly wrong. Let's hope your tea party goes much smoother! Spencer would probably host the best one, but her upbringing was very bougie, while Emily would probably rather throw a karaoke party. Tea parties can take on many styles, which works perfectly because the four main liars are all so vastly different. Which Pretty Little Liar are you? Plan an afternoon tea party in this quiz, and we'll guess!

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