Plan an Elaborate Wedding and We'll Guess How Dateable You Are

Haiden Steingass

Who will be your officiant?

From which magazine will you get inspiration?

Who will pay for the wedding?

You're thinking of a destination wedding. Where would you most like for it to be?

Pick a wedding month

Will you have a planner to help?

Will the ceremony be inside or outside?

At what type of venue will you have the ceremony?

Will you have the reception at the same place as the ceremony?

Will you have an engagement party?

If you throw an engagement party, where will it be?

What song will you dance to with your new spouse?

What song will the bride dance to with her dad?

Where will you take your engagement pictures?

What kind of entertainment will you have?

Will you have a wedding website?

If you do have a wedding website, which platform will you use?

How will you handle invitations?

What kind of lighting will you have in the venue?

What will be the table center pieces at the reception?

Who will host the wedding shower?

What color will you paint your toenails for the wedding?

Who will give the first toast at the reception?

What style will dinner be at the reception?

How many guests will you have?

What will be the signature cocktail at the reception?

What is the one brand for which you're dying to register?

How will photos be taken at the reception?

Where will the bachelor/bachelorette parties be held?

Where will the honeymoon be?

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About This Quiz

If you have ever thought about what your wedding will be like, it just means you are human. Most people dream of their wedding day for years before it ever comes to fruition, and even before they ever meet a potential future spouse. Maybe you are ready to tie the knot, or maybe you are so far away from Commitment City that you can't even find it on a map. 

According to Business Insider, the "right" amount of time to date someone before you marry them is three years, which supposedly decreases your chances of splitting up by 50 percent. With that in mind, do you feel you are ready to jump into a serious, committed relationship?

Maybe you are, or maybe you are not, and that's OK, too. Dating someone is a lot of work, and if you are not in the right place in your life to prioritize a relationship, it is best to be patient and live your life until you are ready. There is nothing worse than jumping into a relationship with someone, even if that someone is your dream guy or gal, and realizing you are not emotionally prepared for what it takes. So, are you totally dateable or not so much? Plan an elaborate wedding, and we'll give it a guess. 

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