Plan an Elaborate Wedding and We'll Guess How Many Kids You'll Have

Jennifer Post

What is the number one item you need at your wedding?

What is your budget?

Who is not making the guest list?

Who is making your wedding cake?

How many people are you inviting to your rehearsal dinner?

What is on the rehearsal dinner menu?

Where are you registered?

Where did you get your wedding dress?

What does your wedding band look like?

When’s the wedding?

What type of entertainment will you have?

What kind of alcohol are you serving?

Where’s the honeymoon?

How many appetizers are you serving at cocktail hour?

What type of venue is the wedding being held at?

What favors are you giving out to your guests?

How is the wedding party getting to and from various event locations?

What would your centerpieces look like?

What upgrade are you most likely going with?

What kind of lodging are you blocking off for your guests?

What type of linens are you going with?

Will you have a coffee bar or coffee service?

Do you prefer a sit-down dinner or buffet?

Who is setting up your decor?

What type of food truck will you offer your guests for late night snacks?

What time of day will your wedding take place?

What is your theme?

If you had to pick a menu upgrade, what would you go with?

What extras are you putting in the bathrooms for your guests?

What one thing are you doing at your wedding to have for anniversaries down the road?

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About This Quiz

Studies show that raising a child from birth to 18 years old costs over $230,000. And that is PER CHILD. The average wedding cost for 2017 was just shy of $26,000. Hm. Quite a difference. Some would rather throw an elaborate wedding for their friends and family than save that money for a family. Whatever you choose, how you plan your wedding will tell a lot about how many kids you will have.

Having kids is expensive, we know that. Are you someone who likes spending money? Great. You might be fine with a lot of kids. But what do you like spending that money on? If it's on vacations, home decor, china, etc. kids might not be in the cards for you. They say that children are the future. So think to yourself, what does your future look like? Farmhouse in the suburbs? Penthouse in the city? All of those things can determine how many kids you will have.

Are you the kind of person who would rather choose a fancy wedding over the cost of raising children? Take this quiz to plan an elaborate wedding and see how many kids you'll have!

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