Plan an Elaborate Wedding and We'll Guess What Engagement Ring Is Perfect for You

Jennifer Post

What is the number 1 item you need at your wedding?

How is the wedding party getting to and from various event locations?

Do you prefer a sit-down dinner or buffet?

What theme are you going for?

Time to upgrade your menu! What are you splurging on?

How much are you willing to spend on flowers?

Are you going with the venue's caterer or are you bringing in your own?

Your guests need to be entertained. How do you plan on doing that?

What alcohol are you offering your guests?

What kind of music will you play?

Where will your guests stay?

Are you handing out wedding favors?

What type of venue are you getting married in?

The dress can determine a lot about that day. What does yours look like?

What gifts are you registering for?

Accompanying your engagement ring will be your wedding band. What does that look like?

Are you having a rehearsal dinner?

What vibe are you hoping for at your wedding?

How many people are you inviting?

Will children be attending your wedding?

If you could choose an add-on to your wedding, what would you choose?

How elaborate will your cake be?

How will you decorate your tables?

What time of year do you imagine your wedding taking place?

The sweetheart table is special. What special element will you add to it?

Will you make your guests watch your cake cutting?

Will you make guests turn off their phones during the ceremony?

How many speeches will you have at the reception?

What will your aisle be made of?

How will your guests send you off?

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About This Quiz

Planning a wedding can be stressful. The costs add up so quickly it will make your head spin. While some people do find ways to wed on a budget, some don't have to. Planning an elaborate wedding can mean something different to everyone. Having expensive flowers could be elaborate to someone who has never really spent money on things like that before, while Swarovski crystal chandeliers are elaborate to those who have been lucky to experience the finer things in life. 

Your engagement ring style can predict a lot about your wedding. There are many designs, from a single diamond set in a gold band to a diamond wrapped in other diamonds on a band with even more diamonds. The former may mean that you enjoyed a simpler life of the basics, so what may seem like a no-brainer to others is a splurge for you, while the latter may mean that you've enjoyed luxuries your whole life so only something super grand is going to seem elaborate.

No matter what you choose to do with your wedding planning, we can guess what your engagement ring style is! And who knows, maybe it will give your significant other some insight into your style and guide them to the perfect ring to pop the question with.

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