Plan the Perfect Wedding and We'll Guess Which of the Big Five Personality Traits Is Most Dominant in You!

Amanda Monell

What is one of the reasons why you want to be married?

Do you think you'll get cold feet?

How did you pop the question?

Who was the first person you told about your upcoming wedding?

What was the first thing you thought of, the day after you got engaged?

Are you going to have a ceremony?

Who would you ask to be your best man or maid of honor?

What kind of dress will the bride be wearing?

Would you ever get married in a barn?

How many guests are you having?

Will the groom's tuxedo jacket have tails?

How long is the bride's veil?

What color will your bridesmaids wear?

Are you going to have a DJ or a band at your reception?

Are you going to have a groom's cake?

Would you get married in a foreign country?

What kind of bouquet is the bride carrying?

Will you have an open bar at the reception?

Will your dinner be family style?

Would you ever consider using a chocolate fountain?

Are kids coming to the wedding?

Will you and your partner take dance lessons before the big day?

Will wine be served at the tables?

Will there be a cocktail hour before the reception?

Is the bride going to be a bridezilla?

Would you use an outdoor venue for your ceremony?

Would you reserve a block of hotel rooms for your out-of-town guests?

Will the bride's dress have a bustle?

How are the groomsmen's tuxes going to showcase the wedding's colors?

Which of these items would be in a goodie bag for your out-of-town guests?

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About This Quiz

For some of us, the road to marital bliss is a sure shot, but for a lot of us, it is a bumpy road involving fights, breakups and many long conversations with friends after the fact. And for some of us, the wait for the perfect match is agonizing; your friends and family members are getting married all around you. 

You start to doubt yourself - and then it happens. You meet that special someone and it's like a mental fireworks display; you're knocked off your feet and every morning when you wake up, all you can think of is them. Will they have a good day? How did that meeting go? Did they pass that test they studied for? And most importantly, when can you see them again?

One of the factors that comes into play with many relationships is whether the couple's personalities mesh. For example, if you know someone who is really uptight and has a conservative mindset, would you set them up with someone who seems to go with the flow and has a freer spirit? Perhaps - but after the honeymoon period of their relationship is over, things may fall apart quickly.

So let's pretend you're getting married and that it is up to you to plan your special day. Money isn't an object, relatives somehow get along with one another and there are no upsets on the horizon. By answering our questions about your day, we'll tell you which of the Big Five personality traits is the most prevalent in you.  

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