Quiz: Plan the Perfect Wedding and We'll Tell You What Women Find Irresistible About You!
Plan the Perfect Wedding and We'll Tell You What Women Find Irresistible About You!
By: Kennita Leon
Image: Shutterstock

About This Quiz

You may or may not have planned your own dream wedding out in your head! Whether you've given it years' worth of thought or it's just occurred to you when this quiz popped up in your newsfeed, it's good to know what women find irresistible about you. The best way to do that, obviously, is to plan out your perfect wedding with us! 

Your perfect wedding might be a Las Vegas drive-thru, or it might be a huge cathedral affair. The choices that you make about your ideal wedding will give us a lot of insight into your personality and your mannerisms. 

For instance, the kind of flowers you choose could indicate your level of boldness. The kind of music you want for the couple's dance could say a lot about how you feel about your future Mrs. By the time you've completed the quiz, we'll be able to put the pieces together and come up with a definitive reason why women love you!

You might think it's your smile or your charisma, but it could be something else! We tend to see ourselves differently than we are seen through the eyes of others. Tell us what kind of wedding you want, and we'll fill you in. 

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