Quiz: Plan Your Dream Life And We'll Reveal Which Fierce Woman You Were in a Past Life!
Plan Your Dream Life And We'll Reveal Which Fierce Woman You Were in a Past Life!
By: Zoe Samuel
Image: taymtaym

About This Quiz

Today, there are plenty of choices for a modern woman. She is free to pursue the arts, the sciences, languages, humanities, or another field entirely. She can marry a man, a woman, or nobody at all, and have her own money and income and be her own provider and safety net. 

She can choose when to have children, with whom, and how many - that most vital of all choices that underpins all of the others. She can decide to go along with conventional beauty standards or to defy or ignore them, depending on how she best wishes to express her own femininity.

How a woman wishes to live today may very well be within her grasp, and that's something that only women born in the last generation and a half can really say. What we do with the freedom gifted us by our ancestors is a responsibility that most of us take very seriously. 

We will study and work and play and march and vote and express ourselves, using our freedom as best we can to become the things that perhaps they never had the chance to be. Tell us how you will use the great gift of freedom that you enjoy today, and we'll see which freedom-grabbing pioneer you were before!

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