Plan Your Dream Wedding and We'll Reveal Your Exact Age

Khadija L.

What is the budget for the wedding?

How many people are you planning to invite?

What color are your wedding invitations?

Which celebrity would you send an invitation to?

Where will the ceremony be held?

Will the reception be held at the same place as the ceremony?

Who is going to walk you down the aisle?

Who is going to marry you and your partner?

Will you be writing your own vows?

What is your partner’s best trait?

Who will be tasked with carrying the rings?

What kind of rings would you like to have?

If you or your partner were to wear a dress, what style would it be?

What kind of shoes will you be wearing?

What kind of wedding favors will you be giving out?

How large is your wedding party?

What kind of flowers will you have at the ceremony?

What flavor of cake would you like?

How many tiers tall will it be?

What will be topping your cake?

Which of these meals is going to be on the menu?

Which of these is going to be your signature cocktail?

Will you be having an open bar?

Will there be children at the wedding?

What will your first dance be to?

What kind of entertainment will you be having?

Where do you have your wedding registry?

What will be the most memorable thing at your wedding?

Where will you be going to on your honeymoon?

Where will you be having your bachelor/bachelorette party?

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About This Quiz

Weddings take place 365 days of the year, and while some of us are still waiting to meet that person who we will be spending the rest of our lives with, there are those of us who have and will soon be walking down the aisle to declare our love to that person.

Before that can be done, there is a lot of planning that has to go into a wedding (unless you prefer to say your vows in front of a courtroom, which is perfectly fine). But if you are someone who has been dreaming about your wedding your entire life, decisions need to be made. Some of them include how many guests to invite, the type of food that will be served, wedding reception and honeymoon locations, as well as what kind of entertainment will be keeping you on the dance floor. 

We make random choices every day, so why not make some decisions that will help you with planning your future wedding? In return, we will try to guess your exact age. Will the outcome match your true age or will it match how you feel on the inside? The only way to find out is to take this quiz!

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