Plan Your Dream Wedding and We'll Reveal Your Perfect Engagement Ring

Zoe Samuel

How many guests will you have?

Where will the wedding be?

How will you make sure less affluent people can make it?

What will you wear?

What will the color scheme be?

Who will perform the ceremony?

What sort of flowers will you have?

Will you have a full sit-down meal?

What sort of jewelry will you wear, besides the rings?

Who will you definitely not invite?

What sort of invitations will you send?

What drinks will you have?

What will you include in the vows?

What sort of photographer will you have?

What will your first dance be like?

How much will the ceremony mention God?

How many speeches will there be at dinner?

Will you vet speeches beforehand?

What centerpieces will you have?

Where will dinner be held?

What sort of band will you have?

What sort of cake will you have?

How will you do your hair?

What will your makeup be like?

What time of day will the wedding start?

What sort of manicure will you have?

What will your budget be?

What sort of special performer will you have?

How soon afterwards will you go on your honeymoon?

Will the wedding take place within a single day?

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About This Quiz

There is one thing you can be absolutely sure about if you ever have to plan a wedding: everyone, but everyone (and their dog, their grandma, their second cousin's former roommate and that dude they met that time at the bus stop) has an opinion about how you're doing it, and they probably think you're doing it wrong. 

People will pop out of the woodwork to offer you their (generally) unhelpful, (often) judgmental, and (hopefully) well-intended tidbits of advice, whether or not you ask for them, and there's probably not a lot you can do about that except hope that the people who are paying for the wedding are at least on your side.

It starts no sooner than when you get an engagement ring - if indeed you do decide to get one at all (and woe betide you if you don't). This means that the sort of wedding you dream of can tell us a lot about the kind of ring that might suit you. 

We're not going to offer any unsolicited advice, though; we're far too polite. Only if you finish the quiz, will we offer a suggestion - and if you still don't like it, that's OK too. You do you, boo. It's your day, and nobody can tell you what to do!

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