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It captured the violence and sadness of human conflict in emotionally-wrenching ways. How much do you know about "Platoon?"

How many Academy Awards did "Platoon" win?

It won Best Picture, Best Director, Best Sound Mixing and Best Film Editing


Who directed "Platoon?"

Stone was a soldier in the Vietnam War, which gave the film instant credibility.


In what year was "Platoon" released?

The release year lands this one a spot as a definitive 80s classic.


Who plays the lead role in the film?

He was the youngest of Martin's Sheens sons but became one of the family's biggest stars.


For which Academy Award was the film NOT nominated?

In the end, the film garnered all sorts of awards and accolades in spite of its grim subject matter.


What was the film's budget?

For the 1980s, this was a relatively low-budget movie.


How old is the primary protagonist (Chris Taylor) when he arrives in the combat zone?

He comes from a wealthy family, and it doesn't take him long to tire of war's realities.


How many days did it take the film crew to complete shooting?

In less than two months, they shot what would become an enduring creative masterpiece.


How many stars did film critic Roger Ebert give to "Platoon" in his review?

Ebert said it was the best movie of the year and one of the best of the entire decade.


For the first version of the script, Stone hoped for which person to be the star of the show?

He never heard back; Morrison died not long after Stone attempted to contact him.


The character Bob Barnes is essentially a depiction of what human trait?

Tom Berenger's acting makes Barnes an unlikeable and evil person.


Which actor portrayed the character named Lerner?

His first feature film appearance was in 1984's "A Nightmare on Elm Street."


What is the nickname for Kevin Dillon's character?

He lugs around a shotgun and makes life harder for everyone else.


Why were studio executives unenthusiastic about creating the film?

In the 1980s, people still didn't want to talk about such a divisive American event.


Why was the movie banned in Vietnam?

The ban didn't stop many Vietnamese from finding ways to see the film.


Which actor nearly got the part of Chris Taylor over Charlie Sheen?

Instead, Sheen became a war-movie icon with his gritty performance.


How does Elias Grodin (played by Willem Dafoe) die during the course of the story?

Barnes shoots him first, though, wounding him enough to be caught and killed by the enemy.


In which country was "Platoon" filmed?

The tropical setting provided a lush and ominous war-time environment.


Why did Stone have red dirt hauled to the shooting locations?

Stone wanted even the soil to reflect his experiences during the Vietnam War.


What role does Johnny Depp's character play in the unit?

The squad relies heavily on Lerner to help them communicate with the locals.


Dale Dye acted in the movie and also worked as an advisor to make sure the war seemed real. In which branch of the real-world military did he serve?

He still works as a consultant to make sure directors are accurately portraying the psychological aspects of war.


Which song does NOT appear on the film's soundtrack?

There is another song by The Doors, though -- "Hello, I Love You."


What Philippines event nearly caused major problems with filming?

The turmoil around Ferdinand Marcos' departure caused many worries for executives and the crew.


Which film nearly stopped the production of "Platoon" from even getting started?

That one and "The Deer Hunter" had already yielded acclaim for Vietnam War movies; studio types didn't see the need for another.


Who was nominated for Best Supporting Actor?

Tom Berenger was also nominated for the same category.


Once he started lobbying studios to make the film, how long did it take for Stone to finish his project?

He could scarcely believe the movie made it to theaters, and he was surprised at its commercial success.


Which actor plays the role of Big Harold?

The same year, Whitaker had a role in "The Color of Money."


What is the movie's tagline?

But with the real Vietnam War, truth may actually have been the first casualty.


How much did "Platoon" make at the box office in North America?

It recouped its production budget many times over and made celebrities of its actors.


What did Oliver Stone think of Charlie Sheen's first audition for the movie?

Stone loved Sheen's older brother, Emilio Estevez; the movie was delayed and at the second audition, Sheen was clearly the perfect fit.


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