Play a Game of Never Have I Ever and We'll Match You to Your Ideal Haircut

Ian Fortey

Never have I ever called in sick for work when I was fine and just wanted to stay home.

When you go out for a dinner date, never do you ever eat less than you want because you're self-conscious.

Never have I ever spied on my neighbors a little bit when I caught a glimpse of them through a window.

Never have I ever creeped an ex's social media.

Never have I ever accidentally texted the wrong person a message I didn't want them to see.

When you're hungry, you do crazy things sometimes. Never have I ever eaten food I dropped on the floor for a second.

Never have I ever cheated on someone I was in a relationship with.

Self-control isn't the easiest thing all the time. Never have I ever drank so much I passed out.

Never have I ever messed up my laundry and ruined some clothes with bleach.

We all act a little goofy sometimes, don't we? Never have I ever prank called someone.

Never have I ever gone on an absolute nightmare of a blind date.

Let's get real. Never have I ever ordered anchovies on a pizza.

No judgment! Never have I ever peed in a swimming pool.

Never have I ever made out with a total stranger.

Never have I ever flipped off someone in traffic.

It's time to get physical. Never have I ever punched someone in the face.

We all need a little me time now and then. Never have I ever ghosted some friends just to do nothing.

Never have I ever liked someone's dog so much I briefly considered stealing it.

Never have I ever tried to cut my own hair.

You're a law-abiding citizen, right? Never have I ever been in trouble with the law.

We keep it classy up in here. Never have I ever blamed a fart on someone else.

Never have I ever given someone food poisoning with my cooking.

Sometimes you need to sacrifice for romance. Never have I ever pretended to like a movie I hated for my date's benefit.

Never have I ever stolen something.

Every vote counts. Never have I ever skipped an election.

Never have I ever eaten junk food in secret.

Everyone gets busy sometimes. Never have I ever skipped showering for a few days.

The world gets a little gross sometimes. Never have I ever found someone else's hair in my food.

Never have I ever been hospitalized as a result of doing something stupid.

Never have I ever revealed too much information about myself during a party game.

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About This Quiz

Picking the right hairstyle is so much more work than most people think. There are hundreds of them to roll through, so how does anyone even settle on one? The answer is pretty simple of most of us - we settled, literally. You find one or two styles you like and you kind of get stuck there. Sometimes for a long time. You can end up with some dated hair that makes you look like you took a time machine from a very uncool place. Who wants that? No one! What you need is a little assistance in figuring out what works best for you and as luck would have it, we specialize in just that sort of thing.

The key to the right hair cut is matching it to your personality. Your outside self has to match your inside self; it just makes sense. So how do we figure out your true inner personality? Maybe a few rounds of "never have I ever" can get down to it. It'll let us know just what kind of person you are and once we know that, we can figure out exactly what type of haircut is going to suit you best. Just take the quiz and see!

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