Play a Game of “Would You Rather” and We’ll Guess If You Follow Your Brain or Your Heart

Zoe Samuel

Home for the holidays: would you rather hear about your grandma's operation or your uncle's objectionable political views?

Time to break a sweat! Would you rather run a marathon for a charity you support, with a painful blister the whole way, or just write a check to a charity you don't agree with?

You've been talked into adopting a shelter animal. Would you rather adopt a dog or a cat?

You're at a party you don't have to drive home from, and there's no one to impress. Would you rather test the networking waters with strangers or get drunk with your friends?

It's the end of the day. You're tired, but you're trying to save money. Would you rather order in or cook?

You've won a free flight! Would you rather fly to see family you haven't seen in a long time, or go network at the city where your business is centered?

You're buying a new car. All things being equal, would you rather buy a fun sports car, or a handy minivan?

You've got two jobs offers on the table. Would you rather chase your dream job for little money, or take the sure thing that pays well, but isn't close to your dream?

You've got time to kill at the airport. Would you rather buy a book or a gossip magazine?

You're buying snacks for a party. Would you rather buy fresh fruit or cut veggies and dip?

Bad news at the doctor. Would you rather it be a social embarrassment or a broken bone?

Time to get loaded. Would you rather inherit a lot of wealth from a beloved relative, or win a smaller fortune from the lottery?

Skill upgrade! Would you rather learn an instrument or learn card magic?

Time to get cultured. Would you rather go to a museum or a library?

Zap! Time for a new computer. Would you rather have a powerful PC or a meh Mac?

Strategy time. Would you rather make it because of pure hard work or nepotism?

Here's a philosophical one. Would you rather be a lucky gambler or a smart gambler?

You've got the eye of the tiger. Would you rather be an amazing boxer or an amazing fencer?

Your kid wants to join the team. Would you rather your child play football or do full contact karate?

You get a year of sabbatical. Would you rather use it to attend a university to acquire new skills, or work on your passion project?

You've got enough money to get either a great phone and a bad plan, or a great plan and a bad phone. Would you rather have the nice phone or the nice plan?

The genie wants to know: would you rather have perfect health or perfect happiness?

You open up the morning paper. Would you rather the news be really boring or really exciting?

You're about to move house. Would you rather spend a whole day labeling everything before the move, or a week organizing everything when you arrive?

You've been invited to dinner and made a terrible faux pas. Would you rather have brought food the host is allergic to, or food the host finds morally repulsive?

Your car radio is broken, and you've got a long drive ahead of you. Would you rather it be stuck on great music but at a deafening volume, or terrible muzak at a volume you can bear?

Everyone gets older. Would you rather keep your looks but lose your marbles as you age, or keep your wits but lose your looks as you age?

In matters of love, would you rather have perfect chemistry in everything but physical intimacy, or only have chemistry when it comes to physical intimacy?

Run for your life! Would you rather flee a natural disaster or a man-made disaster?

Take a look in the mirror. Would you rather people praise you for your intentions or your accomplishments?

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About This Quiz

Left brain, right brain, the brain or the heart, we have a lot of ways of describing how people make decisions. What they all boil down to is discerning one of two ways of thinking, either the procedural, cold logic we associate with the brain or the carefree impulse driven process of the heart. While both of these take place in the brain and the names we give them are really just poetry, they represent an important concept. They point to a notion that some people are, either by nature or by nurture, prone to make impulsive decisions, rather than thoughtful ones.

While this basic idea can sound negative, that's not a good read of its meaning. What these two paradigms truly mean is this: some people make decisions with a bias toward a cost-benefit analysis, but their definition of cost-benefit analysis is important. If they decide to rearrange their vacation schedule to reduce cost and maximize time, they may leave out the chance for their kids to spend time with a beloved relative, which would be more valuable emotionally than the factors valued in this analysis. At the same time, some people make decisions entirely because of the emotional impact of outcomes, with little to no regard to the costs.

The truth is that most people sit somewhere in the middle. Are you more brain or heart oriented? Take this "would you rather" quiz and find out!

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