Play a Game of “Would You Rather” and We'll Guess If You're Religious or Not

Ian Fortey

Let's test your faith right off the bat. Would you rather know God existed, but it's not what you expected, or never have any insight into the divine?

Would you rather go to church for an hour a day every weekday or for five full hours on Sunday?

And now a question of stamina. Would you rather run a full marathon in summer heat or brutal winter cold?

Would you rather watch a horror movie marathon or a documentary marathon?

What's your fate going to be? Would you rather be in purgatory for 100 years or in limbo for 1,000 years?

Would you rather have an angel food cake or devil's food cake?

How do you feel about love? Would you rather be in a marriage with a few rough patches or a great relationship that's common law?

Would you rather have a Filet-O-Fish or a McChicken?

Sometimes we have to decide for ourselves what's right. Would you rather be harshly punished for a minor transgression or get away scot-free for a major one?

It's a potluck dinner! Would you rather everyone brought bland potato salads or an array of super spicy exotic dishes?

Religion often fosters a sense of community. Would you rather everyone knew your personal business or that you knew all the details of everyone else's?

Would you rather be a part of the "Harry Potter" universe or part of the "Marvel Comics Universe?"

On a stifling hot summer day, would you rather have a tall glass of frosty, cold milk or beer?

There's a serious issue with the car. Would you rather take a week to fix it yourself or pay a chunk of change to have it fixed today?

Some people thrive on attention but others don't. Would you rather a whole crowd of people see you fail at doing something athletic or something intellectual?

You broke down on the side of the highway, and your phone died! Would you rather walk 10 miles to a gas station or hitchhike with a stranger?

Would you rather endure a plague of locusts or a plague of frogs?

It's lunchtime! Would you rather every restaurant in your town was a Taco Bell or a KFC?

Pets make fun companions, right? Would you rather have a dog that barks constantly or a parrot that swears when company comes over?

No one has mastered time travel yet, but you never know what the future holds (until we master time travel). Would you rather go 1,000 years into the past or 1,000 years into the future?

They say money can't buy happiness. Would you rather be extremely rich but generally very lonely or barely making ends meet but surrounded by friends?

The truth can hurt sometimes. Would you rather always know when someone was lying to you or never know again if someone lied to you?

Is it always wrong to take pride in your appearance? Would you rather be going bald or have a unibrow?

It's hard to get through life without working. Would you rather have a low-paying job where all your co-workers are great or a high-paying job with jerks?

Would you rather bathe in someone else's bath water or brush your teeth with their toothbrush?

How's your family dynamic? Would you rather find out your mom used to be a jewel thief or that your dad used to be a nude model?

Ever seen an eating competition on YouTube? Would you rather try to eat five large pizzas or 50 tacos?

Would you rather discover Bigfoot was real and have no one believe you or find no evidence of Bigfoot, but everyone becomes convinced you're hiding him?

Would you rather spend a week living as the opposite sex or as a different race?

Let's enjoy ourselves for a minute. Would you rather be able to regularly travel the world or have a luxurious home?

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About This Quiz

According to some research data, about 84% of the world's population ascribes to some kind of religion. That's a lot of faith out there. Of course, there are a lot of different ways to define religion and a lot of different commitments to those kinds, as well. Some people may belong to a particular faith but never observe the customs and rituals. Others may be flirting with different ideas around the edges of several belief systems but not really committing to one or another. 

So there's a good range of answers you can come up with when deciding if you are religious or not. After all, many people might just say they're spiritual if you ask them that question. They could be unsure of what they believe, only that they believe something. And that's an OK way to be. Faith is not meant to be precise, right? Otherwise, it wouldn't be faith. It's a journey some people must take to their own end, whatever it may be.

Wherever you're at on your religious journey, we're pretty sure we can guess what it is based on a few simple "would you rather" questions. Would you rather know if we got it right or not? Take the quiz and see!

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