Play a Game of Would You Rather and We’ll Guess What Biblical Queen You Are

Haiden Steingass

Would you rather be expected to be perfect or expected to fail?

Would you rather spend the rest of your days on the beach or in the mountains?

Would you rather work at a desk job or work in a factory?

Would you rather be a hated boss or a beloved assistant?

Would you rather watch Netflix or Hulu?

Would you rather be a famous athlete or an actor?

Would you rather eat pasta or cereal for every meal?

Would you rather only communicate through gifs or emojis?

Would you rather eliminate Valentine's Day or Thanksgiving from the calendar?

Would you rather live in an igloo or in a teepee in the desert?

Would you rather give up sweets or salty snacks?

Would you rather be known for being kind or wise?

Would you rather walk to work or drive a school bus?

Would you rather pay to be an iPhone user or get an Android free for the rest of your life?

Would you rather be a head pastor or a children's ministry director?

Would you rather be single and rich or poor and in love?

Would you rather have 10 children or no kids at all?

Would you rather join the military for four years or go to school for the next 12 years?

Would you rather always be freezing or always be hot?

Would you rather get married five times or never get married at all?

Would you rather be a mental health counselor or a CEO?

Would you rather quit your job and be happy or continue working and be miserable?

Would you rather be a principal or a grade school teacher?

Would you rather be Instagram famous for your looks or for your brain?

Would you rather throw a grand, fancy party with everyone you know or host a small, intimate gathering?

Would you rather be 15 years old forever or 50 years old forever?

Would you rather be a Catholic saint or a prophet?

Would you rather take a stand against police brutality or sexism?

Would you rather play it safe or take a giant risk?

Would you rather have 30 friends or 3 best friends?

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About This Quiz

Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John ... they're some of the most popular biblical names (they wrote the gospels, so duh!).  But what about the ladies of the Bible? While both the Old and New Testaments feature predominantly male writers, some of the most memorable movers and shakers of Jesus' time (and before) were women! 

From Queen Esther to Queen Jezebel, the ladies of the Bible represent power, strategic thinking, beauty, wisdom and kindness, and Jesus has a huge heart for what they can do for his people. Take the Queen of Sheba, for instance. She was a force to be reckoned with who Jesus greatly admired and used for the greater good. Multiple times in the Bible, she is referenced as someone who seeks wisdom and has a just judgement of character. She was born into power in Arabia, but not once does she use her power for evil. She uses her faith in God, as well as guidance from spiritual mentors, to make decisions that better her community. If you ask us, the Queen of Sheba and the other queens of the Bible are totally underrated "characters" in the overall story, but they sure are not forgotten. 

So, are you ready to play a game of Would You Rather? Take this quiz, and we'll guess which biblical queen you are! 

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