Play a Game of “Would You Rather” and We’ll Guess What Your Job Is

Talin Vartanian

Is it better to be underpaid and do something you love, or do something you hate but be filthy rich?

Is it more efficient to ask for help when it comes to a problem or do it all by yourself?

Cooking can be either fun or tiring for some people. Would you rather cook a big meal after work or order takeout?

Would you rather live on a tropical island with no technology or a bustling city with many technological advances?

Would you rather only eat your favorite food for the rest of your life or eat one of every kind of food forever?

If you won the lottery but had to give the money away, would you want to give it to a charitable cause or to your friends and family?

If you could hit the reset button on your life, would you want to start over as a different person or as yourself?

Let's say that you can now see the future. Would you tell anybody about it or keep this secret to yourself?

If you could grow an extra arm or an extra leg, which would you choose?

If someone cooked you a dish that tasted horrible, would you tell them how bad it is or not say anything at all?

Choose one of these scenarios: Accept $1,000,000 up front or $300,000 every year for the next four years.

Would it be more fun to cuddle with a stuffed animal, your significant other or a house pet?

What is much worse to experience: Extreme hunger or extreme thirst?

Holidays only come once a year, but would you rather experience New Year's Eve, Halloween or Thanksgiving every single day?

If you had the power to breathe underwater or breathe in space, which power would you choose?

If you knew how the world was going to end, would you keep this secret to yourself or tell everybody?

Do you think that having superpowers would be more of a curse or a blessing?

Would you rather know how you die or know how your friends and family will die?

When it comes to your five senses, would you rather lose your sight or your hearing?

The classic game of truth or dare involves either telling the truth or completing a dare. Which would you rather do?

Is it more fun to switch lives with a video game character or a comic book character?

Would you rather be physically powerful or very intelligent?

Do you wish you studied harder in school or participated in more extracurricular activities?

Choose one of these scenarios: Have a 1-hour chat with a historical figure or with your future self?

A $1,000 prize involves you either eating a super-spicy pepper or a food item that tastes extremely disgusting. Which would you rather eat?

Would you rather have dinner with a celebrity or with your long-lost friend or family member?

When it comes to hobbies, would you rather learn how to write or draw really well?

There are four seasons in a year, but would you rather experience fall, winter, spring or summer year-round?

Think about some common house pets for a moment. Would you rather have the personality of a dog, a cat or a fish?

Would you rather be super famous for 2 months or a little bit famous for 2 years?

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About This Quiz

"Would you rather" is a simple game that involves choosing between two or more answer choices. Though the rules are easy to follow, your answer choices will reveal more than just your favorite hobbies, interests or sports. When faced with two or more difficult decisions regarding hypothetical scenarios, your mind will have to weigh certain pros and cons! In other words, our version of "would you rather" will give us insight into how your mind works and what your personality is really like. Based on your answer choices, we'll pick a career path that we believe you have embarked on!

Not all "would you rather" questions have to involve such hypothetical scenarios or rhetorical questions. In fact, many of these questions are straightforward and simple, but are still used to gauge what your personality is really like. Examples of these questions include: "Would you rather lose $1,000 or lose a valuable gift that was given to you" and "Are you more of a coffee, water, smoothie or a tea person?" There are no right or wrong answers, so have some fun with your imagination! It's time to play our version of "would you rather" so we can guess what kind of job you have!

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