Play a Game of “Would You Rather” and We'll Guess Which Decade You Should Have Been Born In

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Your best friend just bailed on your Friday night plans at the last minute! Would you rather go out alone or just stay home and watch Netflix?

They say when it rains it pours. Would you rather it rained every day for a week or was scorching hot every day for a week?

If you're going on a trip and flying isn't an option, would you rather take a train across the country or drive yourself on a road trip?

There's something to be said for the art of deception. Would you rather know all of a magician's tricks or all of a professional gambler's tricks?

Everyone feels a little mixed up sometimes. Would you rather have your hands replaced with feet or your feet replaced with hands?

Entertainment is everything! Would you rather have the latest model of phone or a brand new, giant TV?

There are plenty of people you can meet online these days but you need to be careful. Would you rather be catfished for a solid year or find out the person you were talking to was related to you?

And now a question of beauty. Would you rather the person you love got a full face tattoo without telling you first or they had their tongue split like a snake?

How much do you love the internet? Would you rather have access to the internet for only one hour per week or never be able to grow any hair on your body ever again?

You're a contest winner! Would you rather have a lifetime supply of tacos or a lifetime supply of hamburgers?

It's hard to get along with other people sometimes. Would you rather have a roommate who farts all the time or one who steals your food from the fridge?

There are plenty of ways to be enriched in the world. Would you rather win the lottery or wake up with superpowers?

How social are you on social media? Would you rather no one could comment on anything you post ever again or that you were unable to comment on anything anyone else posted?

Speaking of social interactions, would you rather be able to tell when someone is lying to you or when someone is attracted to you?

Would you rather go back in time to meet your great, great grandparents or go forward in time to meet your great, great grandchildren?

And now a question of Starbucks. Would you rather be banned from Starbucks for the year or have Starbucks be the only restaurant you could go to for a year?

How well do you handle awkward encounters? Would you rather be trapped on an elevator with your ex or on a cross country bus ride with your school bully?

How do you like your privacy? Would you rather your family saw your internet search history or all the pictures on your phone?

Speaking of search histories, would you rather see what your parents do online or your siblings?

Are you a hard worker? Would you rather work 40 hours a week with your hands outside or 60 hours a week indoors on a computer?

Time for a culinary question. Would you rather only eat soup for the rest of your life or salads?

It's important to get a good night's sleep. Would you rather have a lumpy mattress or a smelly pillow?

Nothing invigorates like a shower! Would you rather have a perfect temperature but very low water pressure or great pressure that jumps from hot to cold and back?

It's dinner time! Would you rather never have a steak that wasn't overcooked again or eggs that weren't undercooked?

How much do you value a good relationship? Would you rather be poor your whole life but find true love or be rich and only have fleeting relationships?

You're on a date with the person of your dreams! Would you rather ruin the moment with a fart or forget what their name is in the middle of a conversation?

Time to get gross. Would you rather pop a stranger's zits or give them a sponge bath?

Do you like to entertain guests? Would you rather your house smelled faintly of cat pee or strongly of eggs?

We're having a wardrobe malfunction! Would you rather wear shorts for the rest of your life in every situation or thigh-high leather boots?

Nothing lasts forever. Would you rather know the exact day you're going to die but not know how or know exactly how you're going to die but not know when?

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About This Quiz

The great tragedy of human history is that we can only know it secondhand. There are years and years of amazing stories that lead up to where we are now, and while it's fantastic to learn them all from books and films, it's just not the same as being a part of an event as it happens, is it?

And sure, in the present, we never know what we're getting into and tomorrow could be the most amazing day in the history of ever. But we don't know. And we probably won't have a full appreciation of whatever happens for years to come. That's the magic of history. We can look back on what happened and realize how amazing it would have been to be there. The only question is, which "when" is the one for you? What period would you have fit into best?

If you're a little bit curious about what decade you should have been born in, then there's only one solution! Play a quick game of "would you rather" with us and we'll use that information to determine precisely what time you should have been born in. Grab your flux capacitor and take the quiz!

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