Play a Game of "Would You Rather" and We'll Guess Your Celebrity Style Twin

Emily Maggrett

Would you rather have bland but socially acceptable personal style or wild personal style that some love and some mock?

Let's talk perfume. Would you rather wear a cheap girly perfume that smelled like apples or an expensive musk perfume that smelled bad and good at the same time, like an angry wolf?

Clothing texture can be as important as color. Would you rather wear a super cute but extremely itchy wool dress or a super chic but rash-inducing polyester jumpsuit?

Would you rather be seen in traditionally feminine clothes or in more androgynous wear?

Would you rather have a purple asymmetrical bob or a textured, dirty-blonde lob?

You're getting dressed for a first date with someone who could be "The One." Would you rather show way too much skin or look overly modest and frumpy?

Would you rather have people say you dress too young for your age or too old for your age?

You're going to a family reunion, and your mom wants you to "tone down" your look. Would you rather comply in order to keep the peace or let your freak flag fly, regardless of what Grandma says?

Fashion tends to be in a time warp, with throwback trends popping up all the time, whether they're cute or not. Would you rather wear a dumb '90s throwback fashion like a bucket hat or a silly '80s throwback fashion like shoulder pads?

Would you rather have people think that you're a giant liar or a boyfriend thief?

Let's say you're getting married and your mother-in-law wants you to wear a hideous family heirloom. Which horrible accessory would you go for?

Would you rather spend all night at fancy party with lipstick on your teeth or flaky, oxidized foundation?

It's Halloween! Would you rather go as that astronaut who stalked her lover or as Kellyanne Conway?

Would you rather have your favorite coat stolen or your favorite shoes stolen?

Let's talk about false eyelashes. Would you rather have painful eyelash extensions put in or spend 45 minutes every morning heaping on your mascara?

Would you rather have personal style that makes people think you're dumb or personal style that makes people think you're mean?

You've decided to freshen up your look, but unfortunately, you're due to make a bad choice. Would you rather wear a hideous chunky shawl or pleather pants that chafe you unmercifully?

Let's say it's your first day on the job. Would you rather wear something bold that makes people think you're delusionally confident or something plain that makes people think you're normal but kind of a doormat?

Would you rather have a closet full of designer labels that don't fit you or a closet full of thrift-store pieces that fit perfectly?

When people look at you, would you rather have them think that you're naturally beautiful or incredibly stylish?

Would you rather go to Stagecoach or Coachella?

Imagine you're going on vacation. Would you rather have only a tiny backpack's worth of luggage or have three heavy suitcases that you have to carry everywhere?

Would you rather be with someone attractive who didn't get along with animals or someone unattractive who ran a pet shelter?

When you walk down the street, would you rather hear rude but appreciative catcalls from the men you pass or receive judgmental looks from the women you pass?

Would you rather hang out in a city library that reeked of cheese or at an expensive club where drinks cost $15 each?

Be honest: Would you rather get dolled up for the red carpet or relax at home in your sweats?

Would you rather come across as slightly sloppy but comfortable with yourself or impeccably groomed and a little uptight?

How big of a wardrobe do you need? Would you rather own just a few classic, expensive pieces or tons of clothes of varying quality?

Some celebs are famous for their unique, and sometimes terrible, style. Would you rather swap outfits with Miley Cyrus or Lady Gaga?

Wardrobe malfunctions happen to everyone, so we shouldn't be ashamed of them. That said, would you rather live through a nip-slip or a stain in an embarrassing area?

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Image: Wiki Commons by David Shankbone

About This Quiz

We may not know it, but we all have style muses. For instance, many women are inspired by the personal styles of Audrey Hepburn and Lana Del Rey, while men in search of style cues often turn to famously chic guys like Michael B. Jordan and Jeff Goldblum. Regardless of whether you're chasing modern cool, timeless chic or a bohemian vibe, there's a celebrity style twin for everyone, even you! 

So what do you think? Are you such a wild dresser that you're the reincarnation of Prince or are you more prim and proper than Kate Middleton herself? That's exactly what this quiz is designed to determine. 

If you're willing to honestly answer some "would you rather" questions about your personal style, such as whether you're comfortable wearing patterns, if you'd be willing to experiment with street fashion and whether you'd ever consider getting married in flats, we'll be able to figure out which celebrity's closet could be your closet's twin! Don't worry if you haven't been following your celebrity twin's style journey. It's never too late to start following them on Instagram so you can get inspired by their looks. If you've got a passion for fashion, it's time to take this quiz!

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