Play a Game of Would You Rather and We'll Guess What Religion You Are

Teresa M.

Would you rather pray or meditate?

Would you rather light incense or a candle?

Would you rather volunteer your time or donate money?

Would you rather get married in a cathedral or a courthouse?

Would you rather drink wine or water?

Would you rather give up bacon or give up fish?

Would you rather wear a hat or a head scarf?

Would you rather grow your own vegetables or make bread?

Would you rather be cremated or buried when your time is up?

Would you rather come back as a koala or a cow in your next life?

Would you rather give up rice or potatoes?

Would you rather be a farmer or be a teacher?

Would you rather give a speech or tell a joke?

Would you rather commit gluttony or lust?

Would you rather attend a lecture by Stephen Hawking or by Charles Darwin?

Would you rather be happy or be content?

Would you rather spend a Sunday afternoon sleeping or spending time with family?

Would you rather adopt a cat or a dog?

Would you rather recite verses from a religious text or sing a hymn?

Would you rather never cut your hair or shave it all off?

Would you rather go fishing or go on a walk?

Would you rather give up cheese or give up meat?

Would you rather make a promise of a vow?

Would you rather travel to Peru or to Japan?

Would you rather meet Buddha or Jesus?

Would you rather go skiing or go mountain climbing?

Would you rather travel backwards or forwards in time?

Would you rather talk about your dreams or your secrets?

Would you rather sleep in a cave or under the stars?

Would you rather be immortal or have a superpower?

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About This Quiz

Play our fun game of Would You Rather, and we'll take our best guess about the religion you are, you come from, or you really should think about studying! Although each of the world's major religions has differences, all of them follow the golden rule - be kind to one another! As we ask you to choose this or that, we'll get a good idea of the religion you, at least, know the most about. 

Would you rather wear a kimono or a choir robe? Your answers to questions like these will help us to see inside your deeply held beliefs. Once we get a good feel for the things you like and dislike and the things you would or would not do, we're confident that your religion will come bubbling to the surface. Bring along your joyful spirit, and wow us with the way you choose to live! We can already tell that you make good choices, so we're looking forward to seeing how you make it through our game. 

If you would rather bow than kneel or if you would rather make a promise than a vow, this quiz is going to be a lot of fun for you! We're looking forward to the challenge of trying to figure out what religion you would be - if you were a religion! Let's go for it! 

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