Play Disney Channel “Would You Rather” and We'll Guess Your Age

Ian Fortey

Would you rather live your life with unclear visions of the future like "That's So Raven" or unpredictable magic like "Wizards of Waverly Place?"

Take a page from Zack and Cody's book. Would you rather live your whole life in a hotel or on a cruise ship?

Are you down for some cartoony adventures? Would you rather get into some intense fun with Kim Possible or with the ducks on "Ducktales?"

How are you at keeping secrets? Would you rather keep Hannah Montana's secret identity under wraps or K.C. Undercover's?

Family can help you through a lot of stuff, right? Or they can be a pain. Would you rather be a part of the Duncan family on "Good Luck Charlie" or the Rooney family on "Liv and Maddie?"

Pets are great but you probably want a super pet, right? Would you rather have the dog with a blog or Perry the platypus?

Do you want to have your shot to be famous? Would you rather dance your heart out on "Shake it Up" or get a little goofy on "So Random?"

You need a good friend if you want to have a good time. Would you rather build something crazy with Ferb or go somewhere scary with Dipper?

It's time to get responsible! Would you rather babysit the kids from "Jessie" or teach the kids from "A.N.T. Farm?"

It takes a lot of support to be famous. Would you rather be a roadie for Hannah Montana or a prop person for "So Random?"

Everyone knows what it feels like to be left out sometimes. Would you rather be the Jonas brother (or sister) who couldn't sing or the Russo family member who couldn't do magic?

If you're the hero in your story then you need a villain! Would you rather thwart the plans of Dr. Doofenshmirtz or Dr. Drakken?

Your parents are supposed to give you good advice but sometimes it's sort of not good? Would you rather get dad advice from the dad on "Good Luck Charlie" or "Girl Meets World?"

You never get to choose how reality goes usually. Would you rather deal with serious issues like "Andi Mack" or crazy ones like "Wizards of Waverly Place?"

Time to get musical! Would you rather hang out with the crew at "Camp Rock" or sign up for "High School Musical?"

This could be the hardest question on the quiz. Would you rather have burgers with Zack or tacos with Cody?

Would you rather get relationship advice from Hannah Montana's brother Jackson or Austin Moon's best friend Dez?

Did you know that the guy who played Jackson on Hannah Montana was born in 1977? Would you rather find out your best friend was way older than you thought or way younger?

Families aren't always on the same page so would you rather your parents were spies and you were just regular or you were a spy and your parents were just normal?

It's not easy dealing with siblings. Would you rather have Phineas and Ferb's annoying older sister or Lizzie McGuire's bratty younger brother?

If you want to shake things up on the dance floor then you need a good partner. Would you rather dance with Zendaya or Bella Thorne?

How good are you at taking on wild beasts? Would you rather have to fight a platypus or a naked mole rat?

Sometimes it's not where you are but who you're with. Would you rather have a luxury suite alone at the Tipton on Suite Life or a drafty cabin with all your friends on "Bunk'd?"

It's hard to deal with other people's stuff sometimes. Would you rather your sister was a super famous singer like on "Hannah Montana" or your dad worked for the President like on "Cory in the House?"

Lots of people on the Disney Channel have some crazy lives. Would you rather give up some privacy for fame or give up some irresponsibility for special powers?

There's no reason to think this would turn out badly. Would you rather eat dinner cooked by Zack and Cody or test drive an invention made by Phineas and Ferb?

How do you like to spend your time, anyway? Would you rather get stuck in an elevator with Rico from "Hanna Montana" or take a road trip with the kids from "Jessie?"

Would you rather keep your secret from your best friend or have your best friend keep a secret from you?

This one's tough so get ready. The Disney Channel is not working, so would you rather watch Nickelodeon or the Cartoon Network?

Would you rather see your favorite characters play a game of Truth or Dare or Would You Rather?

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About This Quiz

Do you know how long the Disney Channel has been around? It's kind of crazy that it's been around since 1983!  Way back then they didn't have anywhere near the number of shows they have now, though. They did a few original movies and sort of just replayed a lot of older Disney content for families. It wasn't until the 1990s and then into the 2000s that they really started making a lot of shows just for the channel, stuff that was actually interesting to watch and not just the same old thing over and over again. That's when things got interesting and shows like "Lizzie McGuire," "Even Stevens," and "That's So Raven" showed up.

So yeah, it took Disney a few years to figure things out but when they did they made a lot of shows that pretty much everyone remembers. Even if you didn't like them all, you probably at least know most of them and we bet that there's a good chance we can figure out how old you are based on nothing more than how you'd handle some "would you rather" based around your favorite Disney Channel shows. Think it sounds crazy? One way to find out!  Take the quiz...or would you rather not know?

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