Play This Dating “Would You Rather” Game and We’ll Guess Your Relationship Status

Talin Vartanian

Would you rather go on a first date with no makeup on or with really frizzy hair?

Is it better to text or call a crush when you want to have a conversation with them?

Would you rather marry someone who is rich with a mean personality or someone who is poor with a kind heart?

Do you think that it's more fun to go to a restaurant or a movie theater for a first date?

Does it look better to pay for your meal on a first date or have your meal paid for?

Do you judge someone by the way they look or by the way they smell first?

What is your preference: staying in one relationship or dating different people?

Would you rather say "I love you" first or have someone else say those words to you first?

What is the secret to a loving relationship: laughter or communication?

Imagine your ideal proposal for a moment. Does it take place in Las Vegas or on a tropical island?

When it comes to Valentine's Day, would you rather receive a bouquet of flowers or a fancy box of chocolates?

If your date got you something that you really don't want, would you tell them or would you kindly accept the gift?

When it comes to receiving a gift, do you care more about the price or the thought behind it?

Is it more painful to have your heart broken by someone you love or to break your significant other's heart?

Who do you listen to more when it comes to dating advice: your friends or your instincts?

Would you rather date someone who is very active on social media or not active on it at all?

Is it better to meet a potential significant other through a mutual friend or through random chance?

When it comes to cooking for the one you love, would you rather cook something extravagant or something simple and basic?

If you could redo your first kiss, would you change anything about it or keep it the way it was?

Would it be more intimate to express your feelings through a poem or through a face-to-face conversation?

Choose one of these scenarios: dating someone who smells really bad or dating someone who is a really bad kisser?

Do you think that the concept of "love at first sight" is real, or is it nonexistent?

Imagine your dream date. Could you be with them forever, or does that sound like too long?

Would you rather create a handmade card or a handmade gift for the person you love?

Is it better to date someone who is way too honest with you or someone who tends to hide their feelings from you?

When it comes to relationships, are you more controlling or do you let someone else take charge?

Are you the type of person who falls in love easily, or does it take more time for you?

When it comes to long distance relationships, is this something that you're willing to go through or something that you try to stay away from?

If your significant other cheated on you, would you give them a second chance or break off the relationship?

Think about your love life as a story for a moment. Would it be more of a tragedy or a comedy?

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About This Quiz

You might be familiar with dating game shows like "The Bachelor," "Take Me Out" and "Rock of Love," or even the vintage show "The Dating Game," but today you're going to be a contestant on our "would you rather" dating quiz. Dating can be a hard game to play for many people, but if it comes easily to you, then you're probably someone who has quite a bit of experience with love. But don't tell us if you're single or taken just yet, because we're about to guess your relationship status with this dating quiz.

If you've been having some trouble scoring a date with that special someone, we've got some advice for you. You might be thinking that your appearance needs some tender loving care, but the secret to dating is all about confidence. If you can confidently walk up to your crush and strike up an interesting conversation with them, we're sure that you'll increase your odds at least 50%. After all, how can you score a date with someone if you never let them know that you're interested? 

We could sit here all day and talk about dating, but instead, we're going to put you in the hot seat now with this dating quiz!

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