Quiz: The Ultimate Basic Plumbing Quiz
The Ultimate Basic Plumbing Quiz
By: Staff
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About This Quiz

Something we all tend to take for granted at home is the plumbing system. Although it is usually reliable, problems can occur. Take this quiz and see how you can repair some of the common problems.

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What seals the trap that prevents sewer gases from entering the household drains?
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Which of the following is regarded as a normal temperature setting for a home water heater?
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Why would you use an adequate temperature instead of the highest possible?
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Are there major differences between sewer and septic systems in your home?
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What degree of pressure is required to ensure smooth drainage?
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What are the most common causes of sink blockages
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When used in a the context of plumbing, what does DWV stand for?
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Before changing a pipe in your house, what should you do?
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Why would you want to do your own plumbing work?
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To save time in the event of a plumbing problem, what should you do?
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How does the drainage system work?
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