Quiz: Test Your Knowledge: Poisonous Bugs and Spiders Quiz
Test Your Knowledge: Poisonous Bugs and Spiders Quiz
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Many people don’t like regular bugs and spiders all that much, so the poison-sporting kinds are a hard pass, thankyouverymuch. While most of us know that we want to steer clear of them, it’s not uncommon for people to misunderstand the very real difference between “poisonous” and “venomous.” Venomous creatures are the kind that bite, sting or otherwise pierce your person to do their damage. Poisonous creatures contain poison, but they don’t do the attacking -- for someone to come in contact with the offensive poison they’d have to touch or bite into them.

Poisonous or venomous creatures don’t exactly corner the market on creepy, however. There once was an insect called the “griffinfly,” which was basically a giant ancient dragonfly that boasted a wingspan of up to 2.5 feet (0.8 meters). Fortunately, they exited stage left long before humans burst on the scene, otherwise the bug spray industry would have really had its work cut out for it. One bad boy you do have to watch out for today (if you’re in New Zealand, anyway), is the “giant weta,” which can weigh more than a pound, and is described as “a cricket-like beast.”

These guys keep good company because by some estimates, there are 10 quintillion insects on the planet, and many are venomous. And although the vast majority of spiders are the do-no-harm variety, there are still plenty of the dangerous sort. Australia alone sports 50 to 100 species of venomous bad boys! Now that you’re sufficiently creeped out, take this quiz and test your knowledge about the poisonous/venomous creepy-crawlies of the world!

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The bullet ant is primarily known for what?
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Where is the Katipo spider found?
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In warm environments, how large can Scolopendra centipedes grow?
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What sort of bug is Parabuthus transvaalicus?
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About how many people have Africanized honey bees killed?
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How do venomous centipedes inject their poison?
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How far can Japanese Giant hornets fly in a single day?
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What is one way a Japanese Giant hornet can attack you?
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Where might you find poisonous funnel-web spiders?
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The venom of Sydney funnel-web spiders is especially poisonous to which animals?
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When provoked into attacking, how do Sydney funnel-web spiders respond?
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How many different species of fire ants are there in the world?
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What percentage of redback spider bites actually contain venom?
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Where do brown recluse spiders tend to live?
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Compared to black widows, how poisonous is the venom of the brown widow spider?
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What kind of bug is the deathstalker?
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How long is the stinger on the female tarantula hawk?
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How long does the worst of the pain from a tarantula hawk last?
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Brazilian wandering spiders are also known as what?
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How big are giant Japanese hornets, the largest hornets in the world?
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About many people die each year after being attacked by giant Japanese hornets?
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What do Brazilian wandering spiders do when confronted?
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Which state voted the tarantula hawk as its official insect?
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How many insects in the world have a sting pain rating of four or higher?
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Which of the following is NOT one of the insects with the most painful sting on the pain scale?
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To what size do deathstalker scorpions grow?
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Annually, about how many people go to U.S. emergency rooms due to black widow spider bites?
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How far might Africanized honey bees chase humans?
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