Quiz: The Pokemon Card Game and Animated Series Quiz
The Pokemon Card Game and Animated Series Quiz
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The Pokemon realm extends into TV, video games, card games and toys. Are you a Pokemon superfan? Take this quiz to see if you can "catch 'em all."

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When did the animated television series "Pokemon" debut in the United States?
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Which Pokemon product was released first?
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True or false: "Pokemon" the animated series was released in Japan the same day it was released in the U.S.
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Who is the main character in the animated series "Pokemon"?
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Which company is the video game developer that created the game "Pokemon"?
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When were the "Pokemon" trading cards first published?
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Which company first published the "Pokemon" trading cards?
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Which video gaming system was the game "Pokemon" originally developed for?
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How many different "Pokemon" trading cards were published in the original 1996 release?
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How many years after their Japanese debut were "Pokemon" trading cards first available in the U.S.?
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Which Pokemon is Ash's partner in the animated series "Pokemon"?
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True or false: The name "Pokemon" is short for the Japanese words "<i>poketto monsuta</i>."
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In how many countries is the "Pokemon" animated series broadcast?
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What is the most valuable trading card in the "Pokemon" card series?
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Which "Pokemon" animated series episode made more than 600 Japanese children ill?
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In which year did Nintendo take over publishing of the "Pokemon" trading cards?
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What color are the character Pikachu's cheeks in the animated series "Pokemon"?
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Who is the creator of "Pokemon" and founder of Game Freak, the video game development company?
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How many Pokemon creature types are there?
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What Pokemon creature type is the character Pikachu?
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True or false: While in development, the game "Pokemon" was called "Capsule Monsters."
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Which "Pokemon" animated series character is Ash's rival from his hometown?
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Which team has the Pokemon named Meowth in the animated series "Pokemon"?
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Which illusionist once sued Nintendo over a "Pokemon" character?
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Which Pokemon creature was originally chosen to be the mascot for the animated series "Pokemon"?
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In the series "Pokemon," how many Pokemon creatures are Ash and his friends searching for?
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How many cards are players allowed in a deck for the "Pokemon" trading card game?
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What is the tagline for the animated series "Pokemon"?
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True or false: There is a protein named after the "Pokemon" character Pikachu.
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How many types of cards are there in the "Pokemon" trading card game?
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