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Right from birth, we learn to eat, sleep and poop. Is your poop proficiency unparalleled or totally in the crapper? Take the quiz and find out!

How many times a day does the average newborn poop?

You think you poop a lot, but babies will literally blow any adult right out of the water. The average is five or six for babies, but eight to 10 bowel movements is not uncommon.


Which of the following is not a potential side effect of sitting down on a standard toilet to poop?

Poop position may be contributing to higher rates of constipation and hemorrhoids in the West. Research has shown that people who squat over a receptacle actually take care of business faster, easier and with fewer rectal side effects.


Why do some foods, like corn and carrots, emerge unscathed in a bowel movement?

Foods made of soluble fibers, like beans, are far easier for the body to break down, so they blend right in with the rest of your poop. Foods made of insoluble fibers simply refuse to break down with such ease, although perhaps it wouldn't hurt if we started chewing a little more thoroughly!


True or false: Extremely terrible smelling poops are normal and to be expected.

Few, if any, bowel movements are even close to odorless, but they shouldn't bring tears to your eyes, either. Truly awful-smelling poops can indicate a serious problem like celiac disease or ulcerative colitis.


What ingredient is fully 75 percent of each bowel movement?

That's right, the majority of your stools is actually made up of nature's fruit juice, although fiber, mucus, bacteria and food are also included. In fact, drinking lots of water aids digestion and helps to prevent constipation.


How much does the average bowel movement weigh?

The pounds of poop you excrete generally varies between 1 and 4 pounds, but is affected by your size, diet and length of time since your last successful sit-down. Generally, this loss of mass has little impact on your actual weight and zero effect on fat levels, but it can help you wiggle into those skinny jeans a little more easily!


According to the Bristol Stool Chart, which of these types of poop is ideal?

All poop is not created equal. The Bristol Stool Chart runs the gamut from pellet-like lumps (constipation) to entirely liquid (diarrhea). Maybe you don't like actual snakes, but if your poop resembles one, you're doing something right, digestively speaking.


True or false: A regular colon cleanse is ideal to promote digestive health.

If you've ever seen a probiotic commercial , you must know that tons of good bacteria reside squarely in your colon. So, flushing out your colon will put you at risk for dehydration, perforations and other complications. Plus, the theory that our intestines house vicious toxins and need a cleansing is totally incorrect.


Which shades of poop are most concerning?

Certain foods and their colorings can turn poop some pretty crazy hues, but most of the time there's a benign explanation. However, red poops can indicate bleeding in the lower intestines, while black is a sign of dried blood in the upper intestines/stomach area. White stools can be a side effect of some medications, but can also point to an obstruction of the bile duct.


True or false: Straining on the toilet can actually kill you.

Straining is so unhealthy! In fact, straining while simultaneously holding your breath can cause an irregular heartbeat and skyrocketing blood pressure. This could lead to fainting and a possible head injury — or worse.


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