Quiz: Pop Smoke and Lay Chilly!: Vietnam War Slang Quiz
Pop Smoke and Lay Chilly!: Vietnam War Slang Quiz
By: Nathan Chandler
Image: Wiki Commons

About This Quiz

When it comes to trivia about the Vietnam War, there a lot of people out there who have some pretty solid skills. But what about the lingo and the slang that comes from that time? 

The Vietnam war went on for 16 long years and was one of the most divisive things in the history of America. So there is no wonder that a lot of new slang came out of that time. Do you know the origins of the word "boondocks?" Would you be on the side of the Vietniks or not? Do you think you would have made a good tunnel rat?

We know that you have what it takes to ace this quiz. You have a strong desire for knowledge and have long been interested in different cultures, world history, and the science of politics,  so it is pretty likely you have some knowledge of what went on in the days of the Vietnam War. But are you ready to put that knowledge to the test? Just make sure that when you leave your hootch you watch out for those punji stakes, they sting a little.

You don't have to travel a klick to show us your knowledge of Johnson's war. You just need to take this quiz. Go ahead, don't be MIA. 

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