Quiz: Celebrity Challenge: Pop Music Quiz
Celebrity Challenge: Pop Music Quiz
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Shun college radio? If you love nothing but the Top 40 over and over again, then we've got some trivia for you. See if you know what goes on behind the music with this Pop Music Quiz.

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Which of these bands got their name by throwing a dart at a map?
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U2 recorded an album which they said was intended to "chop down The Joshua Tree." Which was it?
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Which of these greatest hits of the Rolling Stones was covered by Duran Duran, among other bands?
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Which revived pseudo band played Super Bowl XXXI in 1997 with James Brown and ZZ Top?
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What artist recorded "Cracked Rear View," the 16th best-selling album of all time?
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Which band was co-founded by Damon Albarn of Blur and consists of four cartoon characters?
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What was the reason Elvis gave for saying, "I lose myself in singing … I'm limp as a rag, worn out when the show's over"?
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What song was the first to put Madonna in the Billboard Top 100?
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Beatles co-founder John Lennon was shot to death by which three-named man?
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Which band's 1977 rare, mint-condition "God Save the Queen" single sells for about $25,000?
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