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The Powerpuff Girls proved that girls can take on the bad guys just as well as the boys! Take our quiz to see how much you know about these sweet young superheroes.

Which of the girls sports a big red bow in her hair?

Blossom wears a red dress and matching red bow, but neither stops her from keeping the bad guys at bay.


Which of the girls is a total tomboy?

The raven-haired Buttercup, who is known for her super strong fighting skills, is a total tomboy.


What color dress does Bubbles sport?

The super sweet Bubbles isn't afraid to take on monsters in her trademark blue dress.


Where do the Powerpuff Girls live?

The girls keep Townsville, a big city with skyscrapers to match, safe from the bad guys.


True or false: The Powerpuff Girls were originally called the Whoopa** Girls.

The crime-fighting trio was originally known as the Whoopa** Girls, after a can of Whoopa** spilled on them and made them into tough superheroes.


Who is the creator of the Powerpuff Girls?

Professor Utonium serves as both father and creator of the Powerpuff Girls.


Whom does Sara Bellum work for?

Fans of the Powerpuff Girls will know that Sara Bellum, the Mayor's brainy assistant, never shows her face on TV.


Who's the best teacher at Pokey Oaks?

Kindergarten teacher Ms. Keane is the best teacher at Pokey Oaks, which the Powerpuff Girls attend.


What kind of animal is Mojo Jojo?

Monkey Mojo Jojo speaks with a Japanese accent and wears a turban to conceal his enormous brain.


Where does the Gangreen Gang live?

The gang of bad guys, which includes Ace, Snake, Lil' Arturo, Grubber and Big Billy, resides at the local dump.


Which of the girls has the power to freeze her breath?

One hot day, Bubbles discovers that she can freeze and heat things using only her breath.


What is Bubbles' special talent?

Bubbles has special animal communication skills, and she is also able to generate supersonic waves with her voice.


True or false: Buttercup is the only Powerpuff Girl without a superpower.

Buttercup may not have a superpower, but she does have one cool talent — she can curl her tongue.


What's the best way to annoy Fuzzy Lumpkins?

The hillbilly villain Fuzzy Lumpkins lives to tell people to get off his property.


Who is the ultimate enemy of the Powerpuff Girls?

The devilish HIM has made it his life's mission to destroy the Powerpuff Girls — and the world!


What is Princess Morbucks' goal?

The spoiled Princess Morbucks wants more than anything to become a Powerpuff Girl.


What group consists of Bossman, Tiny and Slim?

Bossman, Tiny and Slim make up the Amoeba Boys, a group of gangsters who love to cause trouble in Townsville.


What kind of creature is Bubble's favorite toy?

Bubbles loves her toy octopus, who goes by the name of Octi and ends up under the control of HIM at one point in the series.


What year did TV viewers get their very first glimpse of the Powerpuff Girls?

The girls made a brief appearance on a 1995 episode of "What a Cartoon!" titled "Meat Fuzzy Lumpkins."


True or false: Buttercup was almost named Bud.

To emphasize Buttercup's tomboy nature, the Powerpuff Girls were almost named Blossom, Bubbles and Bud.


What year did the girls get their very own TV series?

"The Powerpuff Girls" premiered on Cartoon Network in 1998 and ran until 2005.


True or false: Tom Kenny was the narrator on the show.

Tom Kenny, the voice of SpongeBob SquarePants, was narrator for "The Powerpuff Girls."


What year did "The Powerpuff Girls Movie" hit theaters?

The girls made their big screen debut in 2002. The movie explored the backstory and origins of the Powerpuff Girls.


What Cartoon Network show premiered alongside "The Powerpuff Girls Movie"?

Fans who saw the Powerpuff Girls at the theater were treated to a short called "Chicken Scratch," which featured the premiere of "Dexter's Laboratory."


What special ingredient added during the girls' creation gave them super powers?

Mojo Jojo shoved the Professor as he was mixing sugar and spice and everything nice, causing him to drop Chemical X into the mixture.


Where is Mojo Jojo's lab located during the film?

Mojo Jojo tricks the Powerpuff Girls into helping him build a secret laboratory inside a Townsville volcano.


Whom or what does Mojo Jojo kidnap in "The Powerpuff Girls Movie"?

Mojo Jojo injects zoo animals with Chemical X in an effort to create a gang of evil mutants to do his bidding.


What celebrity lent his voice to Fibonacci Sequins in the 2014 special "Dance Pantsed"?

Ringo Starr voiced Fibonacci Sequins in the 2014 Powerpuff Girls special.


What type of animal does Mojo Jojo kidnap in "Dance Pantsed"?

The evil monkey kidnaps Fibonacci Sequins, an opera singer and a famous badger in the 2014 TV special.


What year did "The Powerpuff Girls" get a TV reboot?

The show got a reboot in 2016, but the original voice actors and creator Craig McCracken were not part of it.


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