Quiz: Which Predator Reflects Your Dark Side?
Which Predator Reflects Your Dark Side?
By: Zoe Samuel
Image: Photo by Robert Mooney/Moment/Gettty Images

About This Quiz

A personality is a complex thing. We each have a dark side, a place we go in times of stress, but each one of us has a different sort of dark side. When stressed, some people focus on their hated enemies and how to destroy them. Others will turn inward, engaging in self-destructive behavior, including compulsive eating habits. Some people become even more baroque in their behavior, enacting very specific rituals in order to satisfy their dark impulses.

It is easy to compare people to animals, of course. Humans have used animals as a way of characterizing human behavior since ancient times, and many of man's myths about humans who transform into animals are really allegories about human lust, or hatred, or just ego. Describing a person in animal terms is almost universally negative, with very few positive expressions, which makes animals the perfect descriptor of one's dark side.

We devised this quiz to suss out your dark side; to parse your motivations and how you act when you go dark. Once we have a handle on your darkest impulses, we will be able to say among the millions of animals on Earth, which one characterizes your dark side. Care to try it?

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