Quiz: Let's Hope Nothing Breaks!: Do You Know How to Prepare for Professional Movers?
Let's Hope Nothing Breaks!: Do You Know How to Prepare for Professional Movers?
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The pros might be doing all the heavy lifting, but you still have to prepare. Are you ready for moving day?

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True or false: You should only get an estimate from one professional moving company.

Get several estimates so that you're assured of getting a competitive price.

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True or false: If you hire a mover, you still have to pack all your own belongings.

You can choose to pack yourself, or you can pay extra to have the movers do it for you.

Generally speaking, movers won't take any type of hazardous materials.

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True or false: Moving companies won't transport plants.

Most moving companies won't take perishable items like plants, especially on a long-distance move.

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Who should move your important papers like financial documents and medical records?

Sometimes boxes get lost in the moving process. Move important papers and items of sentimental value yourself.

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How soon should you start packing for your move?

Packing will take longer than you think. Start as soon as possible.

Because it will take a while to get estimates, try to hire a mover one to two months before your move.

You'll know where the box goes if you put the room name on it. Though movers are careful, they'll take extra care if breakable items are properly labeled.

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True or false: You don't have to be there when the movers come.

Movers still need supervision and help with the inventory. If you can't be there, have someone you trust do the job.

A moving company's inventory is the official list of goods they're moving. If anything is lost or damaged, you must use the inventory form to claim damages.

Wardrobe boxes are like a portable closet and make for easy packing of clothes.

Moving companies can provide specialized cartons to keep your mattress protected.

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True or false: If you pack yourself and the contents of a box are broken, the moving company is liable.

Unless the carton is damaged, most moving companies will not take responsibility for boxes they didn't pack.

Don't lose your bill of lading. It's your receipt and contract for moving your belongings.

The inventory isn't just a list of what you're moving. It's also proof of an item's condition before and after it's moved.

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True or false: You should pile your boxes as close to the front door as possible.

Keep entryways and hallways clear so the movers can move through your house safely.

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True or false: You should put a special mark on boxes you want to unpack first.

You'll need to get at certain things right away, so mark those boxes to make them easier to find.

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True or false: Use scotch tape to seal boxes.

The best tape to use is specialized packing tape that's stronger and will keep boxes sealed.

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What's the busiest time of year for professional movers?

If you're scheduling a summer move, plan early and try to be flexible so the moving company can fit you into their schedule.

The order for service is the written detail of what the moving company will provide in terms of services, pickup and delivery dates, amount of valuation, special services and how you can be contacted during the move.

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