Pretend to Be on "Fixer Upper" and We'll Show You Your Perfect Home

Tori Highley

Where do you see your next home being located?

What kind of view would Chip Gaines have to find for you?

When Joanna does her design overlay of the space, what are you thinking?

How many bedrooms do you want in your fixer-upper?

How much are you hoping to spend on your renovations?

It's demo day with Chip! How involved do you want to be?

Which of these issues is your biggest nightmare?

Curb appeal is a big deal! What exterior color do you dream about?

What extra feature would you love for Joanna to surprise you with?

Which room in your home are you most excited for?

What would your custom metal sign say when Jimmy Don makes it?

What do you think is the hardest design decision that you will have to make?

What would you love for kitchen countertops?

How do you feel about shiplap?

What are you thinking about doing with the flooring?

Do you prefer a shower or a bathtub?

What kind of wallpaper will you be putting on your feature wall?

What will you be asking Joanna to do with the extra room?

Which of these features do you want in your backyard?

Which of these trees will you plant outside?

What kind of feet will be running around your house?

What kind of furniture would you have custom made by Clint Harp?

Would you be interested in tearing down a wall if Joanna insisted?

Which of these items is a must-have for your property?

Which Chip saying are you going to find yourself repeating after this whole process?

Where are you hoping Jo Jo puts your customary barn door?

What is your reaction going to be when they pull apart the massive "before" pictures?

What aspect of Joanna's final touches are you going to purchase after the initial showing?

What room is your favorite for gathering your family?

What part of the whole "Fixer Upper" process is going to be your favorite?

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About This Quiz

As the price of new homes can be daunting, the idea of fixing up an old home is an enticing offer. And it becomes all the more enticing when you watch Chip and Joanna Gaines do it on "Fixer Upper"! They make what can be some people's nightmare turn into a little piece of heaven on Earth.  Their jack-of-all-trades charm comes with years of experience, but also a lot of trial and error. This approach to their current home and garden empire makes them extremely relatable for ambitious homeowners everywhere! 

Have you been eyeing your light fixtures lately and wanting to update them? Or have you been shopping around for a sledgehammer to help you tear down a wall? Your hankering for renovation is easily fueled by an episode or two of "Fixer Upper"! But what to do now that the show is over? While you wait for the Gaineses to return to the TV screen once again, you might as well plan your dream home! 

This "Fixer Upper" quiz will make you feel like you just renovated your house - without the muscle soreness that comes with the necessary elbow grease! Take our quiz and find out what kind of house is your perfect home!

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