Pretend You're a Buyer on House Hunters and We'll Guess What Your Absurd Job Would Be

Jennifer Post

What's your absolutely top budget?

How many houses do you want to look at before having to make a final decision?

Is there one thing that you are not willing to go without?

Where is there a little more wiggle room?

What do you hope you feel when you walk into the right house?

Where are you looking for your home?

Do you want a lot of land?

How often do you plan on entertaining?

Is having a garage important to you?

Do you need to be near a city?

Do you require a walk-in closet?

How would you handle the house you really want being over budget?

Are good schools something you're worrying about?

Would you ever live in a tiny house?

If a house didn't have a separate space for an office, would you cross it off the list right away?

Are you looking for move-in ready or a bit of a fixer upper?

Do you want to be close to family?

Will you do some landscaping yourself, or do you want that to already be done?

What's a fun extra in a house that you would want?

What do you need to be the biggest room in the house?

What would make you immediately walk out of a house?

How many bedrooms do you want in the house?

Is there a specific view you want from your bedroom window?

Are you moving in with anyone?

Do you need space for pets?

Is it ideal to have neighbors close in age?

Do you want new construction, or are you OK with something a little older?

Are you looking for really high end finishes?

Is it crucial to be near good restaurants?

How are you celebrating once you close on your house?

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About This Quiz

Being on "House Hunters" seems like a real trip. Whether you're looking for your forever home, your for now home or something in between, there are so many things to consider when buying a house. Setting your budget is the first step, and from there, it gets so fun. Searching for a home that has the right kitchen, the perfect bedroom and the most spacious backyard is the pinnacle of adulthood. Or maybe you care more about the colors on the wall and the type of flooring your feet will be walking on for years to come. A lot of things about a house can be changed over time, but there are some elements that will remain indefinitely. 

The job you have will play a big part in what kind of house you can get. Those on "House Hunters" honestly have the most unique jobs, and the internet has taken it and turned them into a culture of its own. Maybe it's out of jealousy that someone can actually afford a million-dollar home with a job like professional book organizer, or maybe it's just out of complete shock that these are jobs that exist today. Want to know what absurd job you would have on "House Hunters?" Pretend to be on the show and we'll guess!

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