Pretend You're a Queen and We'll Tell You Which Royal Engagement Ring Matches Your Personality

Zoe Samuel

What style of home do you prefer?

How would you prefer to travel around town?

Of which modern country would you like to be the queen?

What designer would dominate your day to day clothing?

What designer would you choose for special occasions?

What jeweler would you go to for your tiara?

What would be the number one job of your assistant?

How many people would you want for your daily entourage?

What problem would you tackle by patronizing relevant charities?

What kind of shoes would you wear, day to day?

For what sport would you want front row seats?

What style of monarchy would you reign over?

What would you want in your heraldic crest?

What national tradition would you institute for your birthday?

With what sort of nations would you want to have close relationships?

What law would you enact?

What law would you repeal?

What style would you popularize by association?

What art would you favor with grants?

What sort of public events would you attend?

From what pool would you draw suitors?

In how conventional a manner would you approach your role as a female monarch?

How quickly would you seek to produce an heir after getting married?

Would you serve in the military?

How would your family act, were you suddenly made a queen?

How many of your current friends would you drop if you were crowned Queen?

What would your spouse be allowed to style themselves?

What are the odds you would marry at all, as Queen?

What would you do to relax, while not guiding the ship of state?

What hobby would you keep a secret from the public?

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About This Quiz

Sometimes, in order to really know yourself, you have to step outside of your normal life. The adventure vacation was created explicitly for this purpose. When one puts oneself in a setting unlike any one has experienced before, it creates a contrast where the talents one possesses rise to the foreground. Bravery, invisible in the office setting, suddenly shines in a wilderness adventure. Latent social skills, unused since high school, come to the fore in a live-action role-playing game.

Knowing which qualities you can call on in times of need is crucial for many reasons, not the least of which is making the right decisions about deeply personal and expensive purchases, like an engagement ring. If you are in the market for an engagement ring, you need to know how you'd behave if you were a queen, where you want to hold the wedding ceremony, and who you will marry, in that order.

Now is the time for you to discover this vital information. Play a game of make believe with us, in which you will play the role of a queen, and we will distill this behavior into a royal engagement ring setting that you can then obtain, readying yourself for wedded bliss. Are you ready?

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