Pretend You’re a Vampire and We’ll Guess Your Blood Type

Ian Fortey

It's all fine and good to be a human-looking vampire, but transformations are cooler. What can you turn into?

Do you have a human minion to do your dirty work for you?

What's your opinion of garlic?

How much holy water is going to be too much holy water?

Is there another kind of monster you'd like to go toe-to-toe with?

Do you kill your victims or just take enough to sustain yourself?

Are you able to cross running water?

Are you able to make new vampires whenever you like?

Do you sleep in a coffin?

What happens when you're exposed to sunlight?

Are you a new vampire or one of those super ancient ones?

Do you have your personal Van Helsing/Buffy trying to kill you?

How many fangs do you have in that mouth of yours anyway?

Do you live alone or do you have a vampire posse to keep you company?

Do you have an ultimate goal for your afterlife?

So how does your vampirism work anyway?

Where are you spending your time when the sun is up?

Suppose you fall asleep with the oven on and the house catches fire. Is that fatal for you?

Is seduction one of the tricks you have up your sleeve?

Do you have any unexpected weaknesses?

Any good hunter needs to choose the right hunting grounds. Where do you plan to stalk your prey?

Are you the kind of vampire that hunts specific victims or will any old bag of blood do?

Silver kills werewolves but vampires don't usually like it very much either. What's your opinion?

Do you live in a world where people know about vampires or are you a secret?

Are you able to control your hunger or is everyone a potential meal for you?

Are you a member of a vampire clan?

Are you able to be friends with humans?

You can't blend into society as a monster, right? What's your cover story?

Suppose you reach your ultimate goal - what the heck happens after that?

Any vampire worth its fangs needs a look. What's yours?

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About This Quiz

Do you know how long vampires have been around? Bram Stoker only played around with the stories he already knew about when he wrote "Dracula" and made the vampire world famous. But before he came along, there had been stories about fiendish undead feasting on the blood of the living for literally thousands of years. They may not have always been called vampires, but the general idea was there. And before Stoker, they were never particularly seductive.

After Stoker, the vampire became a mysterious, dark figure who could blend into the world at large. Not a ghoul who smelled of the grave, it was an aristocrat! The vampire became an almost heroic figure, at times being sympathetic and enviable. Just look at the word of Anne Rice, or the "Twilight" series. 

The world of vampires is cooler and more popular than ever. Why wouldn't you want to try it out, if only for just a little while? Take a few moments to spread those bat wings of yours and tell us what kind of vampire you'd be, and we'll let you know just what kind of blood is pumping through your veins right now. Just take the quiz and see for yourself.

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