Pretend You’re Editor-in-Chief of Teen Vogue and We’ll Guess Your Personal Style

Jenna Dennison

Stop snoozing. When are you getting up?

Time to grab a bite! What are you reaching for?

You're slaying! Which outfit did you pull together from your closet?

One last touch — what beauty item are you putting on to complete your lewk?

Pull a reverse Coco Chanel and add one accessory before you leave the house. Which of these is so your aesthetic?

Time to grind! How are you heading to the office?

You walk into your office. What makes it the GOAT?

SOS! Decide what article will be included in the next issue.

What main theme is making the next issue totally lit?

One of your writers is struggs to func. What do you do?

Time for the first meeting of the day. Give us the deets.

You've got time to grab a coffee before your next meeting. What's your order?

Hey, you're back in the office! Who are you meeting with?

You've got some time before you ghost on this place for lunch. What are you up to?

Your assistant's putting in your lunch order. What are you treating yourself to?

Your lunch has been delivered, but one of your writers is tilted. What do you do?

Your phone rings. Who's calling?

Time to head across town to check out a photoshoot! Spill the tea on what's happening.

OOF, your inbox has piled up. What's the first email your eye goes to?

You're fr dead after today. What time are you leaving the office?

Your BFF DMs you about your plans tonight. What are you up to?

Phew, finally home! What sounds good for dinner?

You're keeping things chill before bed. How do you unwind?

Facts: You're almost dead. What PJs are you changing into?

Time for some #selfcare! What are you doing?

Work hard, play hard. How are you prepping for tomorrow?

You walk into your bedroom. What makes it fire?

Your phone goes off. What's up, fam?

Gotta catch some Zs. What time are you going to bed?

No cap, you slayed it today! What's helping you fall asleep?

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About This Quiz

Style. Politics. Culture. Identity. Those are just a few of the things you've got on your mind all of the time. You're all about keeping up with the latest styles and trends, and you pride yourself on always looking fire. We'd probably find you checking out the latest IG posts from influencers and celebs to make sure your aesthetic is on point. You're also obsessed with all things pop culture and what's happening in the world — it's important that you remain current on everything that's going on out there.

Maybe you've even thought about how all of your unique interests would mesh perfectly with working at a magazine like Teen Vogue. In fact, we high-key think you would be the perfect next Editor-in-Chief for Teen Vogue! Your passion and dedication would make you a fantastic leader, and your style is honestly #goals and has us shook! You're a woke queen, and tbh your passion is fire. We already know that you'd be the GOAT Editor-in-Chief, but fill us in on the deets about what your average day would look like with you running the show. We'll be able to tell you everything about your style and what makes your wardrobe so amazing!

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