Pretend You’re on “House Hunters” and We’ll Guess Your Age

Jennifer Post

Where are you at in life right now?

What is your budget?

How many bedrooms are you ideally looking for in your next home?

Do you want all of the bedrooms to be on the same floor?

How close to work do you need to be?

Are you looking for an open floor plan?

What kind of yard do you picture when thinking about your next home?

Do you need special closet space for all of your shoes/purses/makeup/etc.?

And what about a man cave? Do you need it?

How do you feel about carpeting?

On average, how many houses should one see before making a decision?

Are you planning on having kids while in this house?

Double sinks. Are they a necessity?

Do you need garage space whether it's for cars, storage or to have as a workshop?

Are you picturing yourself in each house as you tour it?

Is being near good schools or close to the city more important?

What is the one thing you are not willing to give up in your new home?

How much above your budget are you willing to go for the right place?

Do you want a place that needs a bit of work?

Is a formal dining room a key part of what you're looking for?

What if you put a bid on a house and it wasn't accepted?

Would you walk into one of the bedrooms and say "this could work as a nursery one day"?

How much do you want a claw foot tub with a separate shower?

If there's a basement on your wishlist, do you expect it to be finished upon move-in?

Would you want a window over the kitchen sink so you can see people in the backyard?

Do you need space for entertaining?

Do you need a home office for your obscure business that you run out of your house?

Are you moving yourself, hiring people or recruiting your friends and family?

What are you serving at your housewarming party?

Ultimately, are you happy with the choice that you made in the home buying process?

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About This Quiz

"House Hunters" is arguably one of the most fascinating shows of our time. If you want to watch a business card designer who's married to a freelance horse trainer, get to HGTV right away. Most likely they will be looking for their forever dream home that they can raise kids and cattle in, close to the city but near good schools, and all with a massive budget of bus fare. These people really do live the dream. The real question is, where do they find these people? Another question is, what would your "House Hunters" preferences, and house preferences in general, say about how old you are? You'd be surprised to know that it will reveal a lot.

There are some things the younger generation doesn't care about. Other things, like enough light for their plant babies, good lighting for outfit photos and a big kitchen for testing recipes, are absolutely crucial. The older generation cares about things like separate sinks, man caves and garages for workshops. The differences in these choices are vast, and while some do overlap, that's the exception and not the rule. 

Have some fun and pretend you're on the greatest show of all time, "House Hunters," and we'll guess your age!

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