Pretend You're Rich AF and We'll Show You Your Perfect Home

Zoe Samuel

How will you get around, now that you have lots of money?

Who will you ensure you see more often?

Of all the pricey vacation spots, which will you visit first?

All billionaires need a pet cause. Which is yours?

Spoil yourself: which personal treat do you prefer?

Who will you add to your entourage?

Besides your house, what will you upgrade first about your living situation?

You're going to need an eccentric billionaire uniform. What will it be?

Will you be a famous billionaire like Warren Buffett or a reclusive one like Bernard Arnault?

How will you handle everyone asking you for money?

Can you choose some jewelry for everyday wear?

At which very exclusive event will you ensure you are seen?

Who will you anoint as your celebrity BFF?

Now that you have time to learn a language, which one will you pick?

Which of these will be your new billionaire hobby?

What new experience will you try?

Your enormous garage will need filling. Which car will you buy but never use?

If you feel like a swim, where will you go?

How many assistants will you have?

When you invite guests to your dream home, how will they get there?

Which type of pets will share your billionaire lifestyle?

Will you make arrangements to be cryogenically frozen?

Your architect offers to design a special room in your new house. Which one do you definitely need?

What type of security will you get first?

You'll be able to invest in lots of businesses. What will you pick first?

As your property portfolio expands, where will your fourth home be located?

Of all the people trying to leech off you, who will definitely NOT get any money?

Now that billionaires want to be your friends, which one will you definitely NOT want to hang out with?

You've got enough money to solve one major world problem. Which one will it be?

How many bedrooms will your dream home have?

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About This Quiz

The perfect home is a difficult thing to imagine when you have to worry about normal-person problems like not having unlimited funds. It's a lot easier to speculate as to how you'd get your hands on the ideal property if you imagine having millions of dollars to spend. That would also mean you had access to the best designers and landscape architects in the world to make it just how you like it, inside and out. Whether it's installing a massive library for your enormous book collection or putting in a fireman's pole that slides directly from the master bedroom into the swimming pool, the sky and your imagination are the only limits!

Imagining what you'd do with a lot of money isn't just a fun exercise, though. It tells you something about what you value. If you want to make yourself more available to family and friends and move someplace that they can all join you regularly, perhaps what you really need is more time with the people you love. If you dream of exploring remote areas of the world, then maybe what's missing is time to recharge and refuel away from the rush of everyday life. 

So let's open up your imaginary checkbook and see what lifestyle your imagination can build—then we'll reveal your dream home!

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