Quiz: Pretend You're Rich as Heck and We'll Guess Your First Car
Pretend You're Rich as Heck and We'll Guess Your First Car
By: Brian Whitney
Image: Shutterstock

About This Quiz

No one will ever forget their first car. It is one of those things that is truly a milestone in one's life. As soon as you put your keys in the ignition of your first ride, your life is changed forever. Your first car means total freedom. This is true whether you are ridiculously rich, middle class, or even if you are a bit on the poor side. The excitement of the first car is real, and it will never feel quite that way again, no matter what other cars you drive.

We are guessing you aren't incredibly rich, but if you are, hey good on you, no one here hates you for that. At least we aren't going to say anything to your face about it, and you can feel free to play along, but if your first car was a Lamborghini, we would probably guess wrong. 

But as far as the rest of you go, answer these questions like you are totally loaded, and we will see if we can guess your first car. Pretending to be really rich is just as fun as actually being rich, isn't it? Am I right? Take this quiz and let's find out.

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