Quiz: Fact or Fiction: Preventive Medicine in the Army
Fact or Fiction: Preventive Medicine in the Army
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A lot of preventive medicine in the U.S. Army is similar to civilian medicine, but when troops are traveling to exotic locations or are out on the battlefield, they encounter illnesses that most of us don't have to worry about. Think you know a lot about preventive Army medicine? Test your knowledge with this quiz!

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All soldiers must be current on their malaria vaccines.
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Army doctors routinely test troops for STDs.
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Illness is second only to injury in debilitating troops.
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Morphine is still the most popular treatment for managing pain in the Army.
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The Army considers mental health treatment a preventive therapy.
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Soldiers all receive vaccines against yellow fever, flu and chicken pox.
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Soldiers in the field don't recycle wastewater, as this can lead to the spread of disease.
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The Army considers reducing its environmental impact a preventive health measure.
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New technology helps Army doctors determine which patients need immediate treatment.
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Preventive medicine is so critical to the Army that there are troops who specialize in preventing illness.
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