Pull an All-Nighter and We'll Tell You What Grade You Got

Teresa M.

What snack might you get out of a campus vending machine?

Do you usually stay up late or do you go to bed early?

Do you prefer to study with a group or to study alone?

What drink might you drink while you are studying?

Which way do you learn best?

What subject would make you need to study the most?

When you finish a paper, do you have someone look over it?

What flavor of Ramen would you eat during your all-nighter?

Where would you be found studying most often?

If you started feeling really sleepy, what would you do to perk yourself up?

Do you ever find yourself leading study groups?

Would you listen to music to keep yourself awake?

How early is too early to have a morning class?

Which fast food restaurant would you choose for a late night food binge?

Do you worry more about midterms or about final exams?

Will you use a lot of notes to study during your all-nighter?

Do you prefer to study under bright lights or under soft, dim lighting?

Why would you need to spend the night cramming?

Do you spend a lot of time listening to recordings of lessons?

How much longer will you be in school?

How many hours of sleep do you try to get before tests?

Do you tend to cram or to study little by little?

Are you working while going to school?

What part of writing an essay takes you the longest?

What are you like when you are really, really tired?

What candy bar would you choose to get you through?

Would you grab breakfast after your all-nighter?

How many people would end up crashing at your place after an all-nighter?

What do you think the secret to a successful all-nighter might be?

How many all-nighters have you pulled in your lifetime?

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About This Quiz

Let's pull an all-nighter and get you ready for that next exam! The way you get through the wee hours of the morning will help us predict the grade you got. Some people can go through exam time without breaking a sweat. Others of us panic at the mere mention of the word "grade." Your late night studying habits will give away your grade range. 

If you were halfway through an all-nighter and your belly started to growl, what would you feed yourself? Many of you might go for the closest vending machine, but some of you will opt for Uber Eats. Depending on how you maintain yourself through the night and how well you handle yourself the next morning, the grade you received will be fairly obvious to us. We are experts in studying and getting good grades. Just ask our moms! 

You might or might not need a study buddy to help you get ready for your next big exam, but you won't need anyone's help with this quiz. You can tell us about your study style and your ambitions for yourself. Then, we'll know exactly how high you scored on your exam after you stayed up all night studying! 

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