Quiz: Zed's Dead, Baby: The 'Pulp Fiction' Quiz
Zed's Dead, Baby: The 'Pulp Fiction' Quiz
By: Staff
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There's a gangster with a vendetta, a couple of hit men out on the town, a briefcase full of mystery, a boxer who needs to take a fall and a potent Bible verse. Take this quiz to find out how much you know about "Pulp Fiction."

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If I call you Pumpkin, you should respond by calling me …
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What can you buy in a movie theater in Amsterdam?
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What do they call a Quarter Pounder in Paris?
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Where did Brett and his friends get their cheeseburgers?
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What does Brett say about seven times when Jules asks him what Wallace looks like?
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What is Jules' favorite Bible verse?
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What is Wallace's wife's first name?
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What song is playing when Vincent arrives to pick up Mia?
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What's the name of the restaurant where Mia and Vincent have dinner?
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What was the name of the show Mia did a pilot for?
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What song do Mia and Vincent dance to?
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What does Mia find in Vincent's jacket?
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What cereal is Lance eating when Vincent calls him for help with Mia's overdose?
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How many wars did the Coolidge watch survive?
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What brand of cigarettes does everyone smoke?
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What book is Vincent reading in the bathroom?
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What does Butch use to kill Maynard, the pawn shop owner?
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How many times does the kid in the bathroom hit Jules and Vincent when he jumps out and fires his gun at them?
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Who is Jimmie primarily worried about with regard to the dead body in his garage?
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What does Jules intend to do after he delivers the case to Wallace?
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