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It was every kid's favorite show in the '80s, featuring a spunky little girl, a cute little puppy and a grouchy, but lovable, old man. How much do you remember about "Punky Brewster?"

What is Henry's job, other than building manager and foster father?

Henry Warnimont makes a living working as a building manager and by running a photography studio. His path crosses with Punky's when he discovers the young girl living in an empty apartment in his building.


What orphanage does Punky fear she will be sent back to if she can't stay with Henry?

As Henry works to become Punky's foster father -- and eventually adopt her -- Punky is stuck living in Fenster Hall. With the help of some of her fellow residents, she manages to sneak past the security guard, Mr. Tyler, and make her way home to Henry.


What is the name of Punky's beloved dog?

Punky and her beloved golden retriever Brandon were abandoned in a Chicago shopping center before finding their way into Henry's apartment building.


What is the name of Punky's best friend on the show?

Actress Cherie Johnson played Punky's best friend Cherie Johnson on the show. She was the only "Punky Brewster" cast member whose character name was the same as her real-life name.


Who did Cherie live with on the show?

Cherie lived with her grandmother Betty Johnson, who was a nurse. Actress Susie Garrett played the role of Betty on the show.


Who was Punky's rich blond frenemy?

Ami Foster played Margaux, the spoiled little rich girl. While she and Punky were often at odds in early episodes, they eventually become friends as the series progresses.


Which of Punky's friends was played by actor Casey Ellison?

Ellison played the dimwitted Allen Anderson, who seemed to always lead Punky into trouble when he appeared on the show.


Where did Mike Fulton work before he became Punky's teacher?

Mike Fulton -- played by T. K. Carter -- worked at Fenster Hall orphanage before becoming Punky's teacher.


What does Henry give Punky to help her brave her booster shots?

When Punky is prepared to skip school to avoid getting her booster shots, Henry gives her a lucky nickel. Punky loses the coin, but eventually realizes that she had luck on her side all along.


What is the name of Punky's favorite doll?

Punky names her doll "My." When the beloved toy loses its head, Punky gets a new doll, which she christens Henrietta -- after Henry.


What is the name of the bully that tries and fails to take Punky's lunch?

Melanie "Moose" McGurk uses her brawn to snatch lunches from the kids at school. It isn't until Punky stands up to Moose that the kids are able to band together to defeat the bully.


What does Punky use to defeat the evil spirit Owa Tagoo Siam?

Punky channels Indian maiden Princess Moon when evil spirit Owa Tagoo Siam traps her friends in a giant cave. Using the power of love, she defeats the spirit and frees her friends.


Who gets trapped in a refrigerator while playing hide and seek?

In one very special episode, Cherie gets trapped in a discarded refrigerator and nearly suffocates. Fortunately, Punky and Margaux save their friend with their CPR skills.


What event triggers a bleeding ulcer that lands Henry in the hospital?

After a fire at his photography studio, Henry is so overcome with stress that he develops a bleeding ulcer and ends up hospitalized. Family services comes to take Punky away, but Henry eventually recovers and adopts Punky.


What real-life event was covered in the episode "Accidents Happen?"

Buzz Aldrin made a special appearance on the Season 2 episode to reassure the class after they watched the Challenger shuttle explode upon takeoff.


What was Punky's favorite band?

Punky is thrilled when her favorite band, DeBarge comes to town, but she ends up missing their show after Henry forbids her from attending. The band hears about their biggest fan and plays a private show for Punky and her friends.


Which of Punky's friends moves to Kansas in Season 3?

After his parents' divorce, Allen runs away and hides in Punky's treehouse. Eventually, his parents track him down and he moves to Kansas with his mom.


Why does Cherie live with her grandmother?

On May 9, 1981, Ronald and Elizabeth Johnson were killed in a car crash, leaving Cherie's grandmother to raise their daughter. The anniversary of their death is always a difficult time for Cherie on the show.


Who does Punky get trapped on a building ledge with?

After Punky refuses to go to the dance with Spud, he threatens to jump off a building. Eventually, Punky and Spud become trapped on the ledge together when she steps outside to save him.


What business does Henry open with the proceeds from the sale of his photography business?

After netting $100,000 from the sale of his photography business, Henry opens a restaurant that he dubs Punky's Place.


How does Punky break her leg in Season 4?

Punky breaks her leg falling out the treehouse, leaving Cherie upset that she couldn't help her friend. Later in the episode, Cherie redeems herself by delivering a baby in an elevator.


What actor played Punky's tutor Walker Wimbley?

Punky tries to avoid her math tutor, played by Mark Paul Gosselaar. She eventually develops a crush on him, but he falls for Margaux instead.


Who gets married in the series finale?

The final episode of "Punky Brewster" featured a union between Brandon the Wonder Dog and Brenda -- a dog owned by Punky's friend Myron.


How many seasons did "Punky Brewster" run?

The Punky Power-packed series ran for 88 episodes over four seasons from 1984 to 1988.


A real-life Punky Brewster inspired the character.

NBC President Brandon Tartikoff used the name of a girl he knew in school when developing his series. Peyton "Punky" Brewster became Penelope "Punky" Brewster for the series.


How many years did the animated "It's Punky Brewster" run?

The cast was also featured in the animated "It's Punky Brewster," which ran for two seasons from 1985 to 1986.


What was the name of the magical gopher in "It's Punky Brewster?"

When "Punky Brewster" became a cartoon, it also got a magical twist in the form of a gopher named Glomer, who was able to transport Punky and her friends through time and space.


Who is the Northside Stalker?

Proving that the show wasn't afraid to deal with tough issues, an episode called "Urban Fear" focused on Punky's worries about a serial killer known as the Northside Stalker.


What gift does Punky get during her first Christmas with Henry?

Punky wants only to see her mother Susan for Christmas, but instead gets a jewelry box engraved with her mother's initials for Christmas.


Who does Henry almost marry during Season 1?

Henry almost marries former sweetheart Maggie, but dumps her after learning that she plans to send Punky to boarding school after the ceremony.


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