Quiz: Puppies! Can You Identify Each Dog Breed From Just One Image?
Puppies! Can You Identify Each Dog Breed From Just One Image?
By: Shayna
Image: Shutterstock

About This Quiz

Can you tell the difference between a German shepherd and a Doberman, or a poodle and a bulldog with just one glance? Think you can identify a rottweiler or a beagle from a single image? If so, take our quiz to prove your dog breed IQ!

Dogs are loyal companions, but have you ever wondered how they came to be man's best friend? Somewhere between 10,000 and 30,000 years ago, hunter-gatherers and gray wolves began hanging out together. Scientists aren't sure whether humans made an effort to tame the canines, or the wolves simply hung around the humans for food and protection, but eventually, the two species became close friends.

Over time, the gray wolf found itself changing to better adapt to life with humans, and the domestic dog was born. Humans eventually began to breed the animals, looking to build upon innate traits like hunting, protection or herding. Soon, humans put this breeding technique to work to create dogs that were cuter than average, came with desirable physical features, or could fit into a teacup or purse. This selective breeding has resulted in hundreds of different dog breeds -- all of whom can trace their lineage back to the gray wolf.

See if you can identify dog breeds from a picture with this quiz!

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