Quiz: Put Together a Mixtape and We'll Guess Which Decade You Belong In!
Put Together a Mixtape and We'll Guess Which Decade You Belong In!
By: Brian Whitney
Image: Shutterstock

About This Quiz

You remember when someone that liked you made you a mixtape? Or maybe you made one for someone else that you admired from afar? Either way, the mixtape was something used for decades to accomplish one of two things, either you would have a mixtape to crank when you were by yourself that had all your favorite tunes on it, or it was something you used to show someone else just how unique, fun, and cool you were.  But what was special, fun, and cool in the 1970s was totally not cool in the 1990s, and vice versa. 

If you were to put together your dream mixtape, what decade would it put you in?  You might be living now, but would you have been more comfortable in another decade?  Would you be playing that funky music like the dancing queen you were made to be in the '70s? Or maybe you would be making money for nothing with every breath you take in the '80s? Or it could be that you would be jumping around and smelling like teen spirit in the '90s?  Or you might be wondering where is the love in the 2000s because as you know, it's complicated.

We know you like your tunes: take this quiz and figure out what decade you should be listening to them in.

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