Put Together an Outfit and We'll Tell You What City You Belong In

Jennifer Post

Are you high maintenance with your style?

Do you prefer dressing for warm weather or cold weather?

What's your overall style?

Do you like to keep your morning routine under a certain time?

Which of the below outfits sounds the best to you?

When you go shopping, is there a certain item that you find yourself buying the most?

Which pants would you rather wear on a daily basis?

Do you have a style icon that you get inspiration from?

For a casual night out with your love, what accessory really sets off your outfit?

Do you find yourself gravitating toward certain colors in your clothes?

Everyone has a go-to pair of shoes. What's yours?

Can you think of any time a fedora should be worn?

Is your style mostly dresses and skirts or shorts and pants?

If you had to guess, how many pairs of jeans do you own?

How often do you wear makeup?

Which pattern below can you picture yourself wearing without it feeling out of place?

Your friends are hosting a dinner party. What are you wearing?

When it's time to cuddle up for sleep, what are you normally wearing?

Which television show or movie do you think matches your style the best?

Do you have a different wardrobe for each season?

Can you leave home without a swipe of lipstick?

Do you dress for comfort or style?

Would you ever wear a graphic tee?

What are you most likely to pair with leggings?

When you're getting ready for work, what do you normally wear?

Denim overalls are making a comeback. Would you wear them?

Would you mix black and navy, a classic fashion no-no?

If an outfit called for it, would you wear fake glasses?

Is there an age limit on crop tops?

When you're getting dressed on a hot day, how short of shorts are you wearing?

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Image: Iuliia Isaieva / Moment / Getty Images

About This Quiz

You hear the term "personal style" a lot when reading magazines, scrolling through social media and watching any type of entertainment television. Personal style isn't just one style, it's how you dress and the accessories you choose that are so unique to you that it can't be copied. Sure, you can take inspiration from people you look up to and find a way to make them your own. Maybe your style changes depending on the season or where you're going. That doesn't mean you don't have a single style, it just means your personal style is a combination of a bunch of styles. Neither one is right or wrong. 

But what does your style say about you on a deeper level? If someone were to look at you in an everyday outfit of yours, where would they think you live? Is it a place that you are trying to emulate through your clothes, or have you never even thought about the correlation between outfits and places? There's no right or wrong answer here. Certain places are known for certain styles. Walk down the streets of NYC and you'll see a lot of sleek black outfits. Head to Miami and it's basically the exact opposite. What city do you belong in? Take this outfit quiz and we'll tell you!

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