Quiz: Quiz Alert: How well do you remember Sixteen Candles?
Quiz Alert: How well do you remember Sixteen Candles?
By: J.P. Naomi
Image: The Movie DB

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The '80s was a time filled rock and roll, leg warmers, and the Brat Pack. A life filled with writing, producing, and directing, John Hughes was a jack of all trades. With popular films like the Home Alone film series and 101 Dalmatians, we're celebrating his popular '80s classic, Sixteen Candles. 

With an impressive resume of '80s films like The Breakfast Club, Weird Science, and Pretty in Pink, John Hughes was a fan of the Brat Pack, a group of actors and actresses who filled the screens during the decade. And right at the center of 3 of 4 films and the lead in Sixteen Candles is the one and only, Molly Ringwald.

Molly Ringwald stars as Samantha Baker, but you already knew that, hopefully. The film follows a young girl whose entire family forgets her 16th birthday, but have you forgotten the film? Which Breakfast Club actor also stars in Sixteen Candles? What piece of clothing did Sam give to Ted? What's the name of her crush?

We're lighting the candles with this quiz, and only a professional could blow them all out! Can you? Let's find out if you're ready to blow this quiz away.

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